The best and worst dressed of the Oscars

Photo by Frederick Dennstedt, via flickr

Johanny Hernandez/Contributing Writer 

Another year, another Oscar event. This year there were a lot of pale colors, embellishments, and sadly, not many “wow” moments. Still there were a few show-stoppers on the carpet that made the event worth it.

Cate Blanchett wore a beautiful gold Armani Prive gown, embellished with sequins and gold Swarovski crystals that glistened with the camera flashes. Not only did she shine when accepting her Oscar for Best Actress, but also on the carpet in a gown that says she’s ready to take some names.

Though Kate Hudson was not a nominee, she sure dressed like she was. She looked gorgeous in a gown by Atelier Versace with a plunging neckline that showed her cleavage to perfection. She did wear a cape, and though capes were big this award season, her cape was beautiful and stood on its own, making the gown complete.

Is a black dress just a black dress? Charlize Theron blew me away with a gown by Dior Haute Couture featuring invisible tulle straps and pleated organza strips on the skirt. She was more than beautiful, she was regal.

A crowd favorite and new fashionista, Lupita Nyong’o went a different route with her gown. She wore a custom-made, icy blue Prada gown. She said the blue reminded her of her home, Nairobi. To everyone else, it was a dress fit for a princess with knife pleats on the skirt. Not only did she wear a great gown, her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress shined just like her witty and youthful headband.

Not everyone had a great streak on the carpet. Like any event, there were some tragedies that left me asking why.

Elsa Pataky, a gorgeous woman pregnant with twins wore an unflattering Elie Saab gown that did not do her belly justice. I’m not one to rip on pregnant women, but Chris Hemsworth’s wife needs to rip a page from Olivia Wilde’s fashion book.

Anna Kendrick is bubbly and cute. Her gown said otherwise. The perky star just had too many things going on in her gown. There was mesh, sequins, layers, ruffles all wrapped into one dress that was less than appealing to the eyes. Anna, less is more in this case.

I only have a question for Liza Minnelli –electric blue trouser suit paired with orthopedic shoes? Even the streak in her hair, which was kind of fun, did nothing for Liza. Though I will say she stayed true to herself and that’s commendable… I guess.

The Latin actress Penelope Cruz wore a gown that made her look like she was going to a prom and not the Oscars. A powder pink Giambattista Valli haute couture silk gown, accented with a stark black ribbon at the waist, was not a winning look. It almost looked like a toga and had too much fabric that covered her amazing curves. 

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