Starbucks and Subway, coming to BBC next fall

Sofia Galiano/Staff Writer

Two new restaurants are coming to the Biscayne Bay Campus by fall 2014 to meet University students’ request for more dining options, extending hours of operation and to accommodate the growing partnerships on campus.


courtesy of Jeff Krablin.

A Subway will replace Bistro Subs and the Bay Café, while Starbucks joins the Glenn Hubert Library to meet the increased demand brought by Maritime and Science Technology Academy, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.

“The students have been demanding this for years,” said Richard Azimov, vice president of the Student Government Association at BBC.

During the recent SGA-BBC town hall meeting, it was discussed that the expansion of dining options was an effort to serve the growing population on campus, and was made possible by these partnerships.

But, the renovations will also meet students’ request for a wider variety of meals, and for restaurants to remain open past 7 p.m. and to open on weekends.

Azimov said SGA and the Office of Business Services conducted separate University-wide surveys to see how dinning could be improved at BBC.

He said the results showed a great demand for a larger selection of food items, extended dining hours, affordable meals and brand name restaurants.

While Jeff Krablin, assistant vice president of business services, said there was also a demand for the return of a preexisting restaurant once located in the Wolfe University Center; removed when the cafeteria underwent its latest renovations in 2008.


courtesy of Jeff Krablin

“People kept saying they want Subway back,” he said.

Azimov said many students also wanted Chinese food and pizza.

However, Krablin said the University decided to add a Subway because it will offer pizza, soups and breakfast items, in addition to sandwiches.

“I think the Subway allowed us to meet a couple different options,” he said.

Krablin said replacing Bistro Subs and Bay Café with a Subway is an efficient way to utilize the space.

Similarly, he said a Starbucks kiosk will replace the vending machines in the library to save time and money for installation, and since the library is a non-traditional environment for a coffee shop.

Although it is a kiosk, the Starbucks will offer a full menu of food items and beverages.

Krablin said Starbucks will have extended hours and will open on weekends, but the hours of operation will be determined in the summer.

Azimov said by restuarants remaining open later, students taking evening classes can grab a bite in the café or library instead of leaving campus.


courtesy of Jeff Krablin

“It will help entice students to become more affiliated with our campus,” he said.

Samantha Merenfeld, an undeclared sophomore, said because she does not like the current eating options on campus, she goes home during her three hour break to make a sandwich.

She said she does not eat out because she is wary of how fresh the food is, but if she does, she only grabs an espresso from Starbucks.

“I question the freshness of everything,” she said.

She also said she is surprised by the lack of kosher options available since there is a large Jewish community on campus.

Krablin did not mention kosher options being available in the upcoming renovations, but he said Subway will provide healthier eating options and alternatives for vegetarians.

Merenfeld said what dinning changes would motivate her to eat on campus: “more food made to order, not just a croissant in a window.”

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