Sneak Peak: Colorful designs stand out this weekend

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Francisco Rivero/Assistant Sports Director 

This weekend is all about color, color and more color. With all three big name brands coming out with a shoe this weekend, customers have their choice in picking from a variety of color patterns and designs.

KD sticking with flowers

After the successful launch of his “Aunt Pearl” model, that involved a floral design, Durant now looks to release his KD 6 EXT “Floral” Model. The EXT Floral is a low-top sneaker that has a white base while featuring a dark floral pattern across the upper portion of the shoe. The flowers have a mix of colors that include blue, green, orange and a hint of black.

Releasing this Friday, March 7 and selling at a retail price of $130 the EXT Floral is by far the cheapest deal out there this weekend and my personal pick for shoe of the week. I just love how Durant and the designers at Nike could take a symbol that is considered “feminine” and make it into something that sneakerheads can rock.

LeBron releases another classic  

Every Year basketball player LeBron James releases a model of shoe that sneakerheads look forward to. For example his All-Star shoes or his “South Beach” collection but this weekend will see the release of James annual “Summit Lake Hornets” model.

Unlike in past years when the Hornets where a high-top model, this year’s version is a low-top model. Inspired by James youth league team, this model color scheme features a combination of purple and blue. This color way gives the LeBron’s a fresh new look using a hexagonal pattern. The pattern is reminiscent of a hornets nest coming in purple and blue.

This LeBron is a must buy for any collector simply because it’s one of the few models that James releases every year. The model may not be as big as the South Beach model or even his All-star model however, the colors of purple and blue and the designs that James adds to his Hornets model every year make collecting them just as important as the All-stars or South Beach versions.

The Summit Lake Hornets will be released on Saturday March 8 at a retail price of $200.

Color designs could save Kobe 9 model    

Anyone who has read my past columns should know that I despise the Kobe 9 model and went as far as to say that it is probably the worst Kobe model ever to have been released. I still stand by those words however, one factor that I didn’t take into considerations is color and design.

This weekend will see the release of the Kobe 9 “Perspective” model. The Perspective model continues to have its extremely high-top look to it while having the base of the shoe made up of Nike fly wire, a material that makes the shoe have small openings making it partly see-thru.

The Perspective’s color scheme focuses on only two types of colors which are blue and green. Basketball player Kobe Bryant wanted to base this version off the blue period. It was a period that stretched from 1901-1904 and was filled with artistic brilliance by a Spanish cubist, whose artwork during this time featured shades of blue and blue-green.

As I said before I’m not a fan of the Kobe 9 model but the Perspective model did show me that will the right color and design pattern, the Kobe 9 model has the potential to be a top seller and compete with the other big name brands.

The Kobe 9 Perspective will be released this Saturday, March 8 at a retail price of $225. 

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