Parkview introduces card reader access

By Jeffrey Pierre / Assistant News Director

The plan for Parkview Hall was to improve the quality of on-campus living, but the office took its induction as a chance to also improve security for housing students.

The Parkview project, which began 2 years ago, included the proposal to install card readers throughout main access entrances in collaboration with the One Card office.

On March 3, residents of Parkview were able to use their panther one card to enter into the residence hall.

“I’ve always wondered why they never did this before,” said Quinton Knight, a construction management sophomore. “It adds to the ‘awesomeness’ of the building.”

[pullquote]Quinton Knight, a construction management sophomore: “It adds to the ‘awesomeness’ of the building.”[/pullquote]

Housing Director Joe Paulick, former assistant director of Housing and Residence Life at the University of Central Florida, is quarterbacking the new venture, but is not limiting the project to the one building.

“We want to expand to all of our buildings. We’re looking into at least 30 to 40 locations,” Paulick said.

Following Parkview, Paulick plans to install several card readers in the summer. They are expected to be operational and active in each hall by fall 2014.

University Apartments, however, will not be a part of the plan because the card readers are to control access and security on interior halls and major entrances, according to Paulick.


Joe Paulick, the director of housing, is behind a series of initiatives the he envisions will be grow and foster a closer community on campus for housing students

In addition to improved security, Paulick said the card readers will also track exactly who is going into each building.

Paulick said that although no particular student incident is at the root, he thinks the ability to monitor exactly who comes in and out of each building can provide the housing, residential life, resident assistants and staff with valuable information.

Housing and Residential Life provides resource centers for RAs and staff, and a tutoring service for all students at Lakeview South, room 133 called the Academic Resource Center.

According to Paulick, the new system will be a good way to tell if students are using these services and if they are accessing the rooms through the card readers.

Along with the card reader project, housing is addressing a survey that was conducted summer 2013, taking student suggestions into consideration.

“We’re looking to improve Wi-Fi bandwidth for our students and we’re looking to add Hi-Definition channels,” Paulick said. “We’re going to start with the sports channels.”

Paulick also mentioned possible design changes to Panther Hall and the housing quad, and construction of a stage for live performances.

[pullquote]“We’re looking to add Hi-Definition channels,” Paulick said. “We’re going to start with the sports channels.”[/pullquote]

Paulick said his key focus is rooted in one thing: community.

“We’re trying to create spaces to build a community so people can get to know each other — you don’t just get to know people inside your building, but all over,” Paulick said.

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