Stray away from cliche spring break plans

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Olamide Sterling/Contributing Writer

Feeling pressured because you don’t have your Spring Break plans together? Partying, traveling and shopping are probably at the top of your list, but it doesn’t have to be! Why not save some money this year by putting a spin on your Spring Break, and indulging in activities that will spring you to the top!

Beach-Bod Bye Bye!

Instead of freaking out because your body isn’t perfectly chiseled for beach selfies, feel free to take it easy on yourself this year. If you are concerned about your weight (maybe you gained the freshman 15!) have no fear! Use your free time to create a workout regimen and maybe even keep a food diary. Take this free time to research diet and workout plans that would best suit your needs. As you go out with your old body, be prepared to preserve your new body and stick to your goals!

Mark, Get Set, Go!

With so much going on daily, it gets hard to wrap our heads around our schedules. We often are too tired to keep up with our obligations and tend to meet deadlines just barely! How about for this Spring Break you take the time to “get your life together.” Organize your school calendar with important upcoming dates and get a head start on upcoming assignments. This way after your break is done, not only will you be more energized; but, you will also be able to continue to take it easy upon your return to school.

20/20 Vision

This Spring Break should be one about all about R&R–relaxation and revamping into a new you! I dare you to envision life after college. Now I dare you to translate it to paper. Create a vision board and see your dreams come to life! Hang it up somewhere that you can’t escape it! This will challenge you to take your goals more seriously and set forth a clear plan for the future. What are you waiting for?

iNeed New Tunes!

Getting tired of the same old playlists and songs popping up your iPod every time you put it on shuffle? Spice up your life and download some new tunes! This Spring Break should be one of transition and new beginnings. Change the mood on your iPod and explore the world of music. Go on sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, or GarageBand and find some new inspiration to guide you through the second half of your semester. After all, new music can make for new ideas.

Got Muse?

Speaking of inspiration…have you checked of the FIU Wolfsonian Museum yet? If you haven’t, set a date on your calendar this Spring Break and go check it out. It is free to all FIU students with a student ID. Expand your horizons this spring as your take your imagination to new heights.

Spring Cleaning

You know that feeling of restlessness that you get when your schedule randomly gets cleared out for Spring Break? Why not utilize that time to do some spring cleaning? Throw out some old clothes or shoes. Maybe even rearrange your room. Revamp your look. Revamp your goals. Take this break as time to reflect on who you are, who you want to become, and what is important to you. Out with the old, in with the new! 

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