Bitchin’ Ballers lead women’s soccer

By Veronika Quispe/Staff Writer

The Bitchin Ballers have returned for a second women’s soccer intramural championship. They are currently 2-0 after defeating Las Terroristas 8-0 and the Sick Kicks 3-1. They’re also leading their division with 16 goals. Balls Out (2-0) follows with 14 goals.

Most of the Bitchin Ballers have been playing together for three years. They have developed their own strategies and styles on the field that has helped place them in the finals every year.

“We’re really comfortable playing with each other. We don’t even need to practice because we know where each of us are on the field.  I always know where someone will be so I can easily pass them the ball, and make plays faster,” Senior captain Hannah Balmaseda said.

This season however, the Bitchin Ballers have become stronger. Forward Vanessa Toledo spoke on sophomore Carolina Flores.

“Now we have a really good goalie,” Toledo said. “She even scored from the goal. She just punted the ball and it went straight in.”

Toledo has had experience throughout high school and club traveling teams. She was in a different team her freshman year and won first place. She later joined the Bitchin Ballers and is now the leading scorer.

“Vanessa is like a wild card, you never know if she will show up because she’s always working. Yet she always comes to the game and scores,” Balmaseda said.

“I may be the leading scorer, but it’s not possible without their help. It’s a team thing,” Toledo said.

Practice is not common among most teams in intramurals due to everyone’s packed schedule.

“It’s hard to find time between work and school, let alone practice, I’m usually late to the games” Toledo said. “Yet we all play together well, and we pick up on a lot of our styles.”

Since intramurals are open to all students, they are able to sign up to any teams.

“There were a few random girls that I accepted in our team. At first I was a bit sceptical but now they have proven to be great players,” Balmaseda said.

The transition with the new players was fairly easy due to their high skill level.

“The first time we played together it was against a really easy team. So we had more time with the ball and we got to see how they handled it. We had more room for error and we saw that they can read plays very well,” Toledo said.

The four new members have also learned to complement  one another offensively. “Gaby’s fast and Megan is a little slower but has fantastic passes,” Balmaseda said. “They both know their timing very well.”

Not only have the new members brought talent to the Bitchin Ballers, but they brought a very loud fan base as well.

“They come out with a lot of their friends who are really excited to watch us play. Which is very encouraging for us to do better,” Toledo said. “You step your game up for those in the crowd cheering you on.”

This season there is a wide range of talent among the teams. However most teams have a few years playing on the same team. Therefore rivals have been developed throughout the women’s soccer division.

“It’s sometimes tough because you see the same girls and you get mad because they beat you last time or in a different sport. But it’s just fun competition,” Balmaseda said.

“I’ve also played against some these girls back when I was in my traveling team. So I know how they play and it’s sometimes scary because I know how good they are so it’s more of a challenge,” Toledo said.

Balls Out stands to be the Bitchin Ballers greatest competition this season.

“They’re a really good team, they will definitely put up a fight. Plus they have a lot of experience too,” Balmaseda said.

Sick Kicks have been proved to be a tough team to handle, as their game last week got very physical.

“They’re tough girls. Their goalie is by far the best goalie I’ve ever played against,” Toledo said.


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