‘Need for Speed’ movie forgettable

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Martell Harding/Contributing Writer 

As many video game fans will agree, it’s nerve wracking when a new video game adaptation is announced. Your gut confirms any suspicious notion that it may just suck and “Need for Speed” is no exception. Although not entirely a letdown, “Need for Speed” goes down the same path as its other adaptation predecessors.

Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”) plays Tobey Marshall in this low octane adventure as a young man struggling to keep his father’s auto shop and legacy afloat. Everything goes haywire when a past acquaintance enters the picture, causing a two year wave of loss and devastation. As he sits in jail, revenge is the only thing on his mind. This would be a great plot if it had not been played out 30 years ago. As difficult as it may be to come up with a plot for a game containing none, they could have certainly done better than the whole “revenge is a dish best served cold” cliché.

Throughout the film, we get a good three races, some high speed chases and some helicopter action. What’s great about “Need for Speed” is its use of realistic racing and lack of CGI, however, it’s all lacking…well, speed. The only element that’s pushed to its limit (not really) is its comic relief. Scott Mescudi also known as rapper Kid Cudi and Remi Malek work in the jokes whenever possible, and I mean whenever. Sometimes I’m not sure if the jokes even belong, nonetheless they do lighten up the slow paced mood.

Watching Aaron Paul do something other than “Breaking Bad” was interesting. Let it be known that he is not what’s wrong with the film. The low barred script, over abundance of silly characters, difficult pacing and clichés are what’s wrong with the film.

In my interview with Paul, I asked what his take on video games were. He admitted to not really playing much since the “Golden Eye” days, which is really cool considering it’s one of those legendary titles. His favorite game to play right now is “Bubble Bobble”…a little unexpected but awesome.

“Need for Speed” is one of those movies you’ll see once and then forget about once you leave the theater. Therefore it’s a great date movie, but it deserves a spot next to the other video game adaptation disappointments. “Need for Speed” is rated PG-13 for sequences of reckless street racing, disturbing crash scenes, nudity and crude language.


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