Letter to the editor- Antonio Arrieta

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When I was in highschool, my computer class teacher had an interesting way of teaching the importance of checking the credibility of our internet sources. When Martin Luther King day comes around, he told us to look at a website called martinlutherking.org. What seems like a normal website is actually an attempt to sully the man’s name and discredit many other non-white historical figures.

We were then told to look up the URL of a domain search website, whois.com, to see who registered the website.

The organization? StormFront, the largest White-Nationalist website.

It’s owner? Don Black, former KKK Imperial Wizard who apparently now lives right at West Palm Beach according to the registering information. This and the recent editorial on the Boca Raton flag are sobering reminders that racism is not only still around, but so close to home as well.

The most interesting part of these stories, which was questioned in the relevant article, was why do these people say they’re not racists?

Simple: they often believe racism doesn’t exist in the first place.

It allows them to reverse the situation: a belief that they are the ones being prosecuted with the term being used to justify it.

Which brings me to my point: this fact makes me worried about those who are actually not racist, but also believe it doesn’t exist. We have made a lot of progress in regards to civil rights in recent times that it’s probably not prevalent anymore, at least compared to the past. But racism, like any idea, can never truly end once someone creates it. The apathy created when people think otherwise allows such ideas to regain power and reverse this progress.

It’s where I have to disagree with the article: these ideas are usually created under a sense of identity which is usually nigh impossible to break family or nation. It’s better instead to continue exposing these groups of hate when they sloppily allow themselves to be seen to prevent us from being apathetic to their existence.

Antonio J. Arrieta

Computer Science




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