Bayside hits Miami with the Great American Cult Tour

Photo by Bertrand, via Wikimedia Commons

Claudio Zelaya/Contributing Writer 

Bayside, not the hangout spot in Downtown but the band, is coming down to Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale while on their Great American Cult Tour this Friday, March 28. This quartet is currently on the road in support of their highly anticipated album release, Cult.

Six albums in and the Bayside cult has only been growing more and more with each release. Bayside is Anthony Raneri on guitar and vocals, Jack O’ Shea on lead guitar, Nick Ghanbarian on bass and Chris Guglielmo on drums. This punk rock band from New York City guarantee a show filled with the rawness and honesty that has helped them through the ranks of the music industry.

Bayside brings you hits like “Carry On”, “Sick, Sick, Sick”, “No One Understands” and the most recent, “Time Has Come.” The band is incredibly proud of their latest release as they spent the better part of the last two years working diligently to put out an album that encompasses the very essence that is Bayside and all their experiences through the years as a close knit band.

Cult is the most confident album to date featuring the turbocharged rhythms and phenomenal guitar work of O’Shea. They break new ground with their music while still sticking to their roots.

Although not every song can get a music video, that doesn’t make any song on this album close to the term “filler” each song holds deeper meaning behind the catchy rhythm and bass line. “Stuttering” and “Bear With Me” highlights the music industry as Bayside fits into the big puzzle while “Time Has Come” hooks up with the existential question of personal inspiration.

The Great American Cult tour is headlined by Bayside with special guests Four Year Strong, Daylight, and Mixtapes. Four Year Strong also has a strong following while the opening acts are very solid bands giving you a show that won’t be easy to forget. Tickets are $16 in advance and $19 the day of the show.

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