Sleeper Agent fails to live up to their most promising release with ‘About Last Night’

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Carolina Barreto/Contributing Writer 

Sleeper Agent, Kentucky natives, recently released “About last night,” which is their third studio album since the release of their debut album titled “InterroBAND!?” in 2010.

Sleeper Agent is comprised of vocalist Alex Kandel, lead guitarist Josh Martin, guitarist Tony Smith, drummer Justin Wilson, bassist Lee Williams and keyboardist Scott Gardner.

The artwork of the album “About last night” deceives fans into thinking it will sound like a scene kid crying; however, its title track, “Waves,” sets the tone with its clapping and upbeat guitar riffs.

The title of each track is a fitting name for any 17 year-old’s tumblr blog. The band’s sound is decent and typical of any leading commercialized hipster bands. Aiming to sound spontaneous, its largest mistake is its use of a tambourine in “Me on you.”

Had the band ventured into using more bold instrumentation, the album would have been at least a 7/10.  Instead, the tracks are reminiscent of the 9th grade journal you shamefully hide in your closet under heaps of dirty clothes.

Vocalist Alex Kandel sounds like Clementine and the Galaxy and Hilary Duff’s love child.  The melodies in the 12 songs are too similar. There should have been more variation in the synthesizer and guitar riffs.

The closing track, “Sweetheart,” leaves the taste of a poorly prepared bistec empanizado on your tongue. The sounds of Kandel’s vocals are unfitting of the melody.

So far in their career, Sleeper Agent’s “Celabrasion,” released in 2011, has been their most promising album featuring the feel of an adventurous drive with the windows down along the coastline. The band should have stuck to the jumping-on-the-bed feel it gives in “Get it daddy.”

Fans of Clementine and the Galaxy, Capital Cities and The Mowgli’s will enjoy Sleeper Agent’s “About last night.” 

3 Comments on "Sleeper Agent fails to live up to their most promising release with ‘About Last Night’"

  1. To be honest, I thought the album was incredible. I’ve been really impressed by what I’ve heard from sleeper agent, and I love the video for “waves”!

  2. I was happy with Sleeper Agent’s new release, especially the single Waves. Can’t wait to see them perform their new stuff live in Madison this month :)

  3. I think About Last Night is a solid follow up for Sleeper Agent. Waves is a solid song.

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