YouTube gem for English majors

Jennipher Schafer/Staff Writer 

With all the reading and writing we do it is sometimes fun to sit back and enjoy ourselves. There is a wonderful youtuber who tears apart grammatically incorrect comments on the web.

Jack Douglas hosts a show called “Your Grammar Sucks” (more commonly referred to as YGS) which boasts a new episode every Friday. Currently there are over seventy episodes including musical numbers and cameos by other popular youtubers and even his dog, Klondike.

Essentially he tries to accurately read posts littered with bad spelling and grammar exactly as they are written. What actually ensues is comedic genius for the lover of the English language.

Douglas began the show in June 2011, not realizing the popularity it would gain.  In college himself, he was merely looking for a way to have some fun. Now he has earned enough subscribers to actually be paid by the web site and is coveted at internet conventions.

The show’s success is, in part, based on his catchy musical numbers and comedic character readings. The key to his success, however, is likely the way he engages his audience. Douglas invites viewers to send him screencaps of terrible spelling and grammar so that he can use them for his show.

Douglas’ comedy is intellectual with little reliance on physical comedy. One key common factor in each episode of the series is the reading of internet comments exactly as they are written. It should be noted that he doesn’t necessarily share the beliefs and opinions of the commenters themselves.

While some of the harshest language is edited out audibly, the comments are generally displayed as they were sent to him. The viewer can then try their luck at accomplishing the reading of the terribly written comments alongside Douglas; no easy task in some cases.

Douglas has well over one million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

It’s no wonder with his parodies of infomercials and popular culture which shine on their own even aside from the grammar-nazi pleasing YGS. If you want to view his channel a simple search for JacksFilms will lead the way on youtube. Or you can just go to and check him out. 

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