Drag queens visit BBC, educate students

Image by Carolina Odman, courtesy of Creative Commons

Mariana Nava/Staff Writer

As part of its 3D series, which has been going on all year, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Ally (LGBTQA) Community of Biscayne Bay Campus has come up with the idea of including drag queens in the itinerary.

“Half Drag: ‘I’m not a Woman, I’m a Drag Queen’,” which is going to be held on Wednesday, April 2, is an event that has the objective of educating to people in regards to what is behind these men that dress like women.

“With these events, we want to provide as much education as possible, and we want to educate the students in a fun way,” said Edwin Serrano, LGBTQA graduate assistant. “We also want to provide the general knowledge of the culture about LGBTQ community,”

Serrano made clear that although there have been questions about drag queens being a good representation or not, they are considered a good image of LGBTQA community and they have been part of it for years.

They are characters that have aroused the curiosity of people on how they feel, if they all like to be identified as women, how they live and what was the reason why they decided to adopt that lifestyle.

Each drag queen has different reasons and purposes for dressing in exaggerated costumes, over acting feminism and using sexually graphic names, and performing and entertaining as such.

Different drag queens from “Azucar,” a Miami Beach nightclub, are coming to this event to share their experiences, issues they have faced and how they balance the double life they are living, which allows them to be considered “celebrities” in a way, with everyone.

“We don’t just want to educate you. We also want to let you know about the good and fun things of LGBTQA. We raise awareness about issues, but we also raise awareness about the culture,” said Edwin Serrano.

Besides of being unique, this event is going to be the prelude of the LGBTQ pride month, April, and it is going to be a good start to show everyone the initiative of this community and also the fun things that it carries.

LGBTQA considers that bringing the real people and let them deliver the message themselves will have a better outcome instead of just giving a talk about them or communicate the message through the media.

“We are changing things up here at FIU. It is the first time that we bring drag queens when is not a conference,” said Edwin Serrano, pointing out that the event will be interactive, so the people can approach the drag queens and talk to them personally.

The event is going to take place in WUC 155 from 12 pm to 2 pm and will be open to public.

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