Spanish diplomat empowers female politicians

Junette Reyes/Entertainment Director

Spain’s former Minister of Defense, Carme Chacon Piqueras, will be coming to FIU on Thursday to give a lecture on the subject of “Women and Politics: How to Reach a Better World.”

“It is going to be about how women in politics can change the world. How they are contributing to governing and establishing those bridges that can open new ways of achieving peace and trying to fix things not through war but through diplomacy and conversation and cooperation,” said Aurora Morcillo, a professor in the Department of History.

Chacon was the first female Minister of Defense for Spain from 2008 to 2011 under the cabinet led by Prime Minister Jose Rodriguez Zapatero. Before being the Minister of Defense for Spain, Chacon also held the position of Vice President of the House of Deputies from 2004 to 2007 and Minister of Housing from 2007 to 2008.

Chacon is currently a visiting scholar for Miami Dade College.

“This is an event that is part of a new initiative in SIPA called the Initiative for Spanish and Mediterranean Studies. This is going to be focusing on the Mediterranean basin as a place where cultures merge and where you establish bridges between countries and you create new identities. Just like the Atlantic was another body of water that allows people to reinvent themselves, as well as the Caribbean,” said Morcillo.

“A center like this is not only going to speak to Latin Americans but it is going to speak also to the many Americans that have a Hispanic heritage. We are Latinos and we have a very vibrant city, we live in a beautiful place of the world and we’re going to do very well,” said Morcillo.

The lecture held by Chacon will be the signature event of the initiative, and will be taking place at the Green Library in room 220. The lecture is slated to start at 5p.m. and is free and open to the public.

“I want this to be for all the students here at FIU that have Hispanic heritage. I feel like this is the other Spain, the Caribbean is the other Mediterranean. I can see myself in some of you when I was young in Spain going to college in the University of Granada,” said Morcillo. 

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