The marvels of Chris Evans

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With the release of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” this week, I thought it would be nice to look back on the career of its principal actor Chris Evans. I’m going to be looking back at specific films that are more in line with the superpowers and heroics of Cap, so don’t expect “Not Another Teen Movie” to get a mention here.

Fantastic Four

If anyone can recall (I know I can), Chris Evans first foray into Marvel was in 2005’s “Fantastic Four,” a film which most people will always cite as bad. Jessica Alba aside, people do seem to agree that Evans was the standout of the Four, bringing charisma and personality to the role of Johnny Storm. He would don the role one last time in the film’s 2007 sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer.


Released in 2009, I doubt many people remember this film. It starred Evans and Dakota Fanning as a couple of superhuman beings; along with others, they attempt to stop a government agency from abusing these powers. While it made back its budget, it was not a critical success by any means and opened at #6 in its first weekend.

The Losers

Based on the Vertigo comic series, “The Losers” is about a black ops group that decides to go against the man who tried to have them killed while on a mission. Evans played a computer hacker who acted very much as comic relief; a light hearted, fun individual who cracks a joke whenever the opportunity arises. The film received mixed reviews and just so happened to be released right before the film adaption of “The A-Team,” which shares similarities.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

A small but important and popular role, Chris Evans played Ramona Flowers’s Evil Ex #2: Lucas Lee, a skateboarder and action movie star who is defeated by Scott Pilgrim due to trying to prove he could grind an incredibly long railing (he combusted). Evans only appears for a few minutes, but his role is never undermined or underutilized, being incredibly memorable within the time he’s given, especially in the clip from one of his films on Spike TV.

Captain America: The First Avenger

The film that made Chris Evans a Marvel star again, The First Avenger has him in ideal shape, fulfilling the role of sympathetic Steve Rogers and patriotic Nazi fighter Captain America. The film was, of course, a massive success and part of the Marvel universe that eventually led to…

The Avengers

Captain America is now in the present day, having been frozen since World War II. The Avengers took some time to look at Rogers somewhat out of his element, now living in a different time with different individuals. At the end of the day, however, Captain America still needs to help save the world, and “The Avengers” showed him doing so in top form.


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