Panthers pull out a victory from a tight match

Jahrel Francis/ Staff Writer

The end of the season is nearing. The members of the  women’s tennis team are sharpening their tools and getting to their ideal game. Head Coach Katarina Petrovic is finding what’s best for the team in both singles and doubles matches.

To begin, the team won their second game in a row. Coming off of a 7-0 shutout against the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the team had a tight victory over the Brown University Bears.

Beginning an unusual trend, the Panthers beat the competition in doubles. Keeping the same matchups as they had for Omaha, the Panthers earned the doubles point with best two of three. On the first court, sophomore Carlotta Orlando and freshman Valentina Briceno lost to the Bears.

“I think they are better, much better than us, and we did our best; and in the end we kind of figured out how to play,” Orlando said, “But I just think that they were better and we still have to improve a lot.”

Losing 3-8, they couldn’t find their rhythm fast enough. Relying on the remainder of the doubles freshmen Tina Mohorcic and Nina Nagode matched up on the middle court. They finished their match, along with senior Giulietta Boha and sophomore Aleksandra Trifunovic, for a win, concluding the doubles with an initial point for the team.

“We were down 5-2, we didn’t play that amazing to be honest, but all of a sudden we picked it up,” Boha said.

Individually, the year is coming to an end. With that said the Panthers need to step up in both doubles and singles to prove themselves at the finals.

As a senior, Boha knows this better than anyone as this is her last chance at success.

“My senior day is coming closer and closer, so I’m looking forward to that and I’m really excited, well, I’m also a little bit sad that it’s my last matches obviously, but I’m happy,” Boha said. “I want to play my best tennis the last couple of matches.”

Going into to singles matches Boha had tough competition. Not the ordinary opponent, she had to turn away from her ordinary game.

“Normally I play aggressive tennis but my opponent liked to play fast tennis, so I played with more spin on my balls, played a little bit with the wind, which she didn’t like,” Boha said, “so i played a little more tactics.”

Boha showed up and showed out for a victory but she was not the only one. Orlando had to put in a lot of work for her opponent with questionable calls and a persevering attitude. Having lost three matches and only winning two, the Panthers and Bears were at a split of 3-3.

“I’m happy, I played well,” Orlando said. “The first one was 6-3, then the second one, I got a little bit nervous about a ball the referee made a mistake on.”

The score had been 4-4. After the call the Bears went up 5-4.

“She had a couple of bad calls from the ref toward the end of the second set and she got a little annoyed about it,” Petrovic said. “I think she just kept her composure and did what she was supposed to do.”

The second set was lost in the end keeping her mind on the call instead of the game. Having the match on the line, to go to the third round, the crowd was anxious to see who had what it took to win.

“The third set I just decided to start again and it went well. I’m happy,” Orlando said.

4-3 the Panthers do what it takes to overcome.

The next match will be against University of Central Florida at the home courts on April 4.