C-USA honor roll shows that FIU needs some work

FIU is finishing up its first season in Conference USA and finishing up the 2013-2014 academic year with exams next week.

On April 10, C-USA released their list of athletes who are present on the Academic Honor Roll for that time period.

This list of 3,213 male and female athletes from different schools that have competed in Division-IA sports had over 150 names – 154 exactly – that are familiar to FIU.

Tennis above the rest

Regardless of the amount of players on a team, having an entire roster on the honor roll by the conference is a fantastic accomplishment.

The tennis program, led by Head Coach Katarina Petrovic, had all six tennis players named to the list.

I do acknowledge that six is a small number, and it may not be as impressive, if say, they had a team of 24 and all of them got on, but, it can’t be taken away from them that as a group.

They all worked hard in the classroom, as well as on the courts, to be successful.

Women lead the way

In looking at the list, it is clear that the Women’s teams at FIU did much better in the classroom than the men in 2013-2014.

The best comparisons of this are Men’s and Women’s basketball and baseball to softball.

Men’s basketball, led by first year Head Coach Anthony Evans, only had three athletes named to the list: junior forward Adrian Diaz, junior guard Marco Porcher Jimenez and freshman guard Dominique Williams. However, Head Coach Cindy Russo had 12 of her 15 athletes’ names on the list.

Between baseball and softball, there were a combined 24 of 58 athletes.

This may sound pretty good, but when you break it down, 11 of the 18 in that list were from the softball program while the other 13 of 40 are from baseball.

105 of the names out of the 154 were female.

That is a large number, and something that is a great accomplishment to achieve.

However, it does raise some questions as to why the men are slacking in the classroom.

It also adds to the fact that the C-USA Commisioner’s Academic Medal List, which honors those who have a cumulative GPA of over 3.75 had 19 FIU student-athletes and 18 of those are female.

More than expected

The football program had 10 players named to the list.

This is honestly more than I expected.

After knowing that 17 players were academically ineligible for the 2013-2014 season, I had only expected four or five student athletes.

It is terrible that on the list of 71 students, only 10 were named to the list.

As a physical education major on the coaching track, I know that in the future, I will not find it anywhere near acceptable for only 14 percent of my athletes to have good grades.

I do acknowledge as well that it was a special circumstance with a new coach, losing some better players, and other various actions that happened, but this coming year, the grades of the football team should be looked at under a larger microscope.


It concerns me that more student-athletes were not a part of this list.

I would encourage these players to look at the title that they are able to carry.

The first part of their title is student, and with only this small percentage of athletes getting recognized for having a high cumulative GPA, it will stun me that if not only they, but their coaches as well do not make a push for near 100 percent of eligible players to be named to this list within the coming years.


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Baseball Honor Roll.”]

Alec Beyersdorf

Nathan Burns

Zachary Carter

Charles Cormier

Kolby Follis

Julius Gaines

Aramis Garcia

Michael Gomez

Carlos Lopez

Louis Silverio

Tyler Sullivan

Zachary Sweety

Roche Woodard


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Men’s Basketball Honor Roll.”]

Adrian Diaz

Marco Porcher Jimenez

Dominique Williams


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Women’s Basketball Honor Roll.”]

Aleksandra Bodlovic

Jerica Coley

Marita Davydova

Katrina Epnere

Karrah Johnson

Zsofia Labady

Tynia McKinzie

Timeyin Oritsesan

Kiandre’a Pound

Taylor Shade

Nikolina Todorovic

Brianna Wright


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Men’s Cross Country Honor Roll.”]

Brandon Ballard

Dylan Cook

Daniel Fernandez

Brandon Jones

Eli Monzon

Daniel Puentes

Orlando Rodriguez


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Football Honor Roll.”]

Richard Burrows

Ricky Fernandez

Cody Hodgens

Yousif Khoury

Fred Porter

Donald Senat

Austin Taylor

Delmar Taylor

Cory White

Mitch Wozniak


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Women’s Golf Honor Roll.”]

Coralia Arias

Shelby Coyle

Sophie Godley

Carla Jane

Meghan Maclaren

Jasmine Wade


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Sand Volleyball Honor Roll.”]

Marina Boulanger

Ellyssa Citron

Maria Coukoulis

Alexa Diaz

Tina Toghiyani

Airam Trillo


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Men’s Soccer Honor Roll.”]

Roberto Alterio

Luke Bray

Gonzalo Frechilla

Sebastian Frings

Marvin Hezel

Nicholas Midttun

Daniel Mion

David Mitchell

Robin Spiegel


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Women’s Soccer Honor Roll.”]

Shelby Bowden

Ellen Crist

Marie Egan

Talia McMurtrie

Crystal McNamara

Morgan Morris

Jessica Palacio

Nicole Rios

Alyssa Robinson

Ashleigh Shimm

Marlena Stablein

Sara Stewart

Patricia Tomanon

Johanna Volz

Madlen Weinhardt

Paula Zuluaga


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Softball Honor Roll.”]

Samantha Green

Corinne Jenkins

Breanna Kaye

Brianne Kimura

Christine Marte

Marisa McGregor

Kennah Orr

Rebekah Sanchez

Rachel Slowik

Gabriella Spallone

Stephanie Texeira


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Softball Honor Roll.”]

Jennifer Alfani

Kiara Anderson

Sabrina Beaupre

Mary Boucher

Jessica Chadwick

Sarah D’Antoni

Katelyn Duranso

Nadia Farrugia

Anna Jonsson

Lily Kaufmann

Jeanmarie Madison

Danielle Meara

Melissa Moreno

Maria Therese Nord

Sonia Perez-Arau

Valeriia Popova

Marina Ribi

Alaina Smith

Courtney Vander Schaaf

Rebecca Wilde


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Tennis Honor Roll.”]

Giulietta Boha

Valentina Briceno

Tina Mohorcic

Nina Nagode

Carlotta Orlando

Aleksandra Trifunovic


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Men’s Track and Field Honor Roll.”]

Jamal Dorviller

Pablo Espitia

Christopher Lickfield

Garry Louima

Christopher Prophete

Roberto Salvador

Aubrey Smith


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Women’s Track and Field Honor Roll.”]

Maria Alea

Chantae Barnett

Destiney Burt

Cierra Campbell

Chandra Fulwood

Jessica Gehrke

Adrienne Gerzeny

Anna Heinzman

Tiffani Hernandez

Michelle Howell

Tetisheri Menna

Isolda Montiel

Bianca Morrison

Caroline Reiser

Katarina Rodriguez

Lexis Shields

Catherine Ventura

Desmika White

La’Shae White


[show_hide title=”Click here for the Volleyball Honor Roll.”]

Silvia Carli

Lucia Castro

Carolyn Fouts

Ashlee Hodgskin

Gloria Levorin

Jessica Mendoza

Maja Rosko

Kimberly Smith

Brittany Spencer





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