To build or not to build: Parking garage on BBC

Paola Molini/Staff Writer

Arriving late to class, lack of parking spaces and walking long distances from the parking lot into school facilities is an ongoing issue for students at the University, leading students and faculty members to discuss the idea of building a parking garage on Biscayne Bay campus.

“I think it’s the only thing that makes sense,” says journalism professor Neil Reisner. “As it is now, I’ve been late to class because I couldn’t find space to park—not because I’m late, because I can’t find a place to park.”

The idea of a parking garage is not new to the university.

The Modesto Maidique Campus is home to several parking garages due to its high volume of students. What MMC lacks but BBC has to its advantage, is surface parking space.

Aime Martinez, Associate Vice President of Business and Finance, says that a viable reason to build a parking garage would be a lack of surface parking, the most affordable method in relationship to maintenance and cost per space.

According to Martinez, at MMC, little land is available for surface parking and the university is “forced” to build parking garages – this is not the case with BBC just yet.

Sarady Amparo, a junior biology major says that a parking garage would be beneficial because it would provide students with more parking spaces, especially students with afternoon classes.

“I see there’s always a fight to get a parking spot,” says Amparo.  “I get here early enough that I could find a spot, but for some kids, if they come after a certain time, there’s no parking. “

Prosper Surgon, a freshman business administration major, already finds parking to be troublesome at BBC. He says the situation gets worse when there is bad weather.

Taking classes during the afternoon and on a rainy day, means having to walk into class soaking wet, said Surgon.

Whether or not a parking garage would be an eyesore to BBC was also discussed among students and faculty members.

Lissette Hernandez, director of the department of parking and transportation, says that the structure of a garage should not compromise the scenery on campus.

“A garage structure will always be beneficial,” says Hernandez.“There are many beautiful parking garage structures out there that can be integrated to the beautiful Biscayne Bay Campus.”

Eddie Seiglie, senior advertising major, agrees with Hernandez and adds that solving parking availability is more important than the structural look of the campus.

Seiglie said that parking space is limited at BBC and a parking garage is essential. He also disagrees with some people’s idea of it being an eyesore, and refutes their concerns by describing the building as “just a garage.”

According to Martinez, the department of parking and transportation checks enrollment on campus annually and “assesses parking needs” accordingly.

“If enrollment at BBC continues to grow, and land continues to be developed, there would likely be sufficient need to build a garage in the future.”

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