2014 NFL Mock Draft Round 7: Miller stays in the Miami area

Cornerback Sam Miller running his 40-yard dash at Pro Day 2014.

With the 2014 NFL Draft fast approaching I have come up with my pick for who I believe will be taken and starting now the Houston Texans and new Head Coach Bill O’Brien are on the clock. With a total of 256 picks in seven rounds – including a total of 32 compensatory picks awarded to a total of 13 teams – there are 256 young men who will have their names called and it is my thought that there are three former FIU players who may be taken in later rounds.


Round 7

Pick (overall)

1 (216). Houston Texans

Bennett Jackson, Cornerback, Notre Dame

2 (217). Washington Redskins

John Urschel, Offensive Guard, Penn State University

3 (218). Cleveland Browns

Johnathan Dowling, Free Safety, The University of Western Kentucky

4 (219). Oakland Raiders

Isaiah Lewis, Strong Safety, Michigan State University

5 (220). Atlanta Falcons

Morgan Breslin, Linebacker, The University of Southern California

6 (221). Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kerry Hyder, Defensive Tackle, Texas Tech University

7 (222). Jacksonville Jaguars

Alex Bayer, Tight End, Bowling Green University

8 (223). Minnesota Vikings

Travis Carrie, Cornerback, Ohio University

9 (224). Buffalo Bills

Jeoffrey Pagan, Defensive End, The University of Alabama

10 (225). Carolina Panthers (from New York Giants)

Chandler Jones, Wide Receiver, San Jose State University

11 (226). St. Louis Rams

Marion Grice, Runningback, Arizona State University

12 (227). Detroit Lions

Shaquelle Evans, Wide Receiver, The University of California at Los Angeles

13 (228). Tennessee Titans

Jeremiah George, Linebacker, Iowa State University

14 (229). Dallas Cowboys (from Chicago Bears)

Pat O’Donnell, Punter, The University of Miami(Fla.)

15 (230). Pittsburgh Steelers

Aaron Colvin, Cornerback, Oklahoma University

16 (231). Dallas Cowboys

Ryan Hewitt, Fullback, Stanford University

17 (232). Indianapolis Colts (from Baltimore Ravens)

Bryan Stork, Center, Florida State University

18 (233). New York Jets

Logan Thomas, Quarterback, Virginia Tech University

19 (234). Miami Dolphins

Sam Miller, Cornerback, Florida International University

This was a hard decision to make final. Between Miller and Isame Faciane, who I both believe will continue their playing careers in Miami as members of the Dolphins, could switch in my opinion. In the end of it though I think due to height that Miller will be the one to be taken in the last round of the draft.

Miller, who along with playing cornerback, returned kicks and punts for the Panthers, put up some pretty decent numbers in his senior year. These included 33 tackles, 24 of which were solo. The return numbers included a total of 13 returns – five kick returns for 92 yards and eight punt returns for a total of 108 yards – with four pass breakups and two interceptions.

He agrees that the Dolphins are one of the teams that might take him.

“They are definitely one of the teams that are interested in me so I could see that happening,” Miller said.

He did admit though that he never truly had a favorite team but followed certain players and supported whatever team that they were on.

“I’ve had favorite players such as Darrelle Revis, Sean Taylor, Bob Sanders and Joe Haden,” Miller said. “I kind of rooted for those teams along the way.”

With the draft coming up quick Miller admits that it is getting down to the wire.

“At this point there’s not much more that I can do but to stay in shape, be ready, and let my agent handle the other side of things. I think with my Pro Day and my game film that I should be on team’s draft boards,” Miller said.

Miller did work with two very distinct coaching staff while at FIU though, first with former Head Coach Mario Cristobal, and this last season with Head Coach Ron Turner. Turner, and a lot of his staff, worked for a combination of many years in the NFL. That definitely helped Miller to be ready for the next level.

“Thee coaching staff has great coaches [at FIU] and they’ve taught me to not only play with my physical ability but understanding what an opponent is trying to do in certain parts of the game,” Miller said. “They call it ‘situational football’ and that has allowed me to better my game and able to play in the professional level.”

Being one of multiple players coming out of a university could give way to somewhat of a “sibling rivalry” but, that is not the case with Miller.

“I think all of us that are coming out would be a steal [in the draft] because all of us are very hard workers,” Miller said. “We are coachable and I think if given the chance we would impress any professional organization and be very productive.”

20 (235). Oakland Raiders (from Arizona Cardinals)

Brett Smith, Quarterback, The University of Wyoming

21 (236). Green Bay Packers

Kerry Wynn, Defensive End, The University of Richmond

22 (237). Philadelphia Eagles

Connor Shaw, Quarterback, The University of South Carolina

23 (238). Dallas Cowboys (from Kansas City Chiefs)

Quincy Enunwa, Wide Receiver, The University of Nebraska

24 (239). Cincinnati Bengals

Garrett Scott, Offensive Tackle, Marshall University

25 (240). San Diego Chargers

Bryce Quigley, Offensive Tackle, San Diego State University

26 (241). St. Louis Rams (from Indianapolis Colts)

Joe Don Duncan, Tight End, Dixie State University

27 (242). San Francisco 49ers (from New Orleans Saints)

Lonnie Ballentine, Free Safety, The University of Memphis

28 (243). San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina Panthers)

Kadeem Edwards, Offensive Guard, Tennessee State University

29 (244). New England Patriots

Kasim Edebali, Linebacker, Boston College

30 (245). San Francisco 49ers

Ryan Carrethers, Defensive Tackle, Arkansas State University

31 (246). Denver Broncos

Tyler Larsen, Center, Utah State University

32 (247). Oakland Raiders (from Seattle Seahawks )

Cairo Santos, Kicker, Tulane University

33 (248). Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)

David Fluellen, Runningback, Toledo University

34 (249). St. Louis Rams (compensatory selection)

Ben Gardener, Defensive End, Stanford University

35 (250). St. Louis Rams (compensatory selection)

Tajh Boyd, Quarterback, Clemson University

36 (251). Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)

Gator Hoskins, Fullback, Marshall University

37 (252). Cincinnati Bengals (compensatory selection)

Jonotthan Harrison, Center, The University of Florida

38 (253). Atlanta Falcons (compensatory selection)

Steven Clark, Punter, Auburn University

39 (254). Dallas Cowboys (compensatory selection)

Tevin Reese, Wide Receiver, Baylor University

40 (255). Atlanta Falcons (compensatory selection)

James Morris, Linebacker, The University of Iowa

41 (256). Houston Texans (compensatory selection)

Willie Snead, Wide Receiver, Ball State University

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