eMerge Americas Techweek: University features research

Rebeca Piccardo/News Director

Miami’s innovators have gathered to bring together projects and ideas at eMerge Americas Techweek, a conference hosted by the Technology Foundation of the Americas that set out to discuss new trends and changes in society and technology.

The University has become one of the many partners in this endeavor, helping both coordinate and showcase work at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The level of involved in campus wide, according to Jacqueline Sousa, regional director of the Small Business Development Center within the College of Business, who has helped coordinate the University involvement at the conference.

The conference is organized as seven different summits, including a mayoral summit. The other summits are titled, “Innovate,” “Healthtech,” “Future of Finance,” “City of the Future,” “Mega,” and “Education 2.0.”

[alert type=”yellow”]One of the prominent speakers in the “Innovate” summit is Armando Christian Perez, also known as “Pitbull.” [/alert]

President Mark B. Rosenberg, along with Phil Conway from J.P. Morgan and Florida State Rep. Erik Fresen, will discuss the use of innovation and technology in education reform as part of the “Education 2.0” summit.

Aside from Rosenberg, other faculty members have also joined the conference as speakers or moderators for different summits, said Sousa.

[alert type=”blue”]University faculty member, Bogdan Carbunar, will speak at the “Future of Finance” summit about security issues in cyberspace.[/alert]

Pedro Jose Greer is a professor of at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, assistant dean for Academic Affairs and chair of the Department of Humanities, Health, and Society. He will be speaking in the “Healthtech” summit.

Monica Chiarini Tremblay is the interim chair and associate professor in the Decision Sciences and Information Systems Department in the College of Business.

She was approached by eMerge representatives due to her experience in both technology and healthcare issues to be a panel moderator for “Healthcare in Latin America: eHealth, Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” which is a part of the “Healthtech” summit.

[alert type=”yellow”]President Mark B. Rosenberg, along with Phil Conway from J.P. Morgan and Florida State Rep. Erik Fresen will speak in the “Education 2.0” summit.[/alert]

Bogdan Carbunar is assistant professor in the School of Computing and Information Sciences. He will speak in the panel titled, “Convergence of Physical & Cyber: Identity, Access, & Compliance,” a part of the “Future of Finance” summit.

Among online privacy issues, Carbunar said he will discuss trends that indicate where society is heading in terms of security online.

[alert type=”blue”]University faculty member, Pedro Jose Greer, is one of the speakers in the “Healthtech” summit, and Monica Chiarini Tremblay is a panel moderator. [/alert]

The University will also showcase research projects at the pavilion that runs both on Monday and Tuesday. Among these, the 12-fan Wall of Wind, the Aquarius Reef Base, the neural-enabled prosthetic hand, the telebot and the blender bikes.

Sousa will also be at the pavilion representing her department, the Small Business Development Center, which offers help to businesses in the community through consulting and other services.

Amidst all the projects and researchers presenting work on behalf of the University, over 80 students will also volunteer in shifts to help at the conference.

“We have a combination of students from all over the university and a few alumni registered to volunteer at the eMerge Americas Techweek Conference,” said Ileana Canizares, coordinator from the office of College Relations.

eMerge Americas Techweek events began on Thursday, May 1 and run through Tuesday, May 6. The summit portion of the eMerge begins on Monday and runs through Tuesday, with the series of speakers presenting simultaneously in four different stages.



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