Andrew St. James reveals his musical talent to the world

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Natalie Bojorquez/Contributing Writer 

With his outstanding lyricism and his ability to perfectly blend in new jack and folk, Andrew St. James has made quite the impression with his first album “Doldrums.”

St. James at the ripe old age of 18, has seemed to achieve the perfect balance of being able to capture an audience with a universally pleasing sound and lyrics that immerse the listener in a world of hardships and love lost.

Not only does St. James use universally accepted songwriting techniques but he also uses characters referred to as  “hip street folk” in his song to fully express his metaphors and analogies. Most songwriters twice the age of St.James have not even come close to achieving the passionate wordplay this young and up and coming artist uses as a staple in his work.

St. James is seemingly open about expressing events that have happened over his own life. Most of his songs carry an air of personal reflection in them that isn’t typically seen anymore. The careful planning of each syllable uttered holds a sense of preciseness that is palpable.

His songs mostly talk about hardships found in everyday life, such as finding oneself and a love lost. His romantic lyrics also seem to hold a breezy quality to them, perhaps a side effect of living in San Francisco.

Even if one does not over analyze the lyrics that St. James uses, the music that accompanies the words is equally as enjoyable. St. James describes his style of music as alternative folk and that might be the closest way of describing his musical prowess.

While the undertones of his songs are obviously folk, St. James highlights these with synthesizers and up tempo drums and saxophones. The incorporation of all these different instruments make for a warm inviting sound that one can’t help but let it pull them in.

A must listen on “Doldrums” is Visions. This song has it all. Strong lyrics that make you want to roll your windows down and scream them and the perfect rise and fall of the song.

It almost feels and though St. James has transported the listener on to a boat in a raging storm of emotions. The chorus of this song in particular is so powerful and just perfect in matching the entire tone of the song.

“A Prayer for East Oakland” is also another great song on “Doldrums.” While Visions is basically screaming PASSION at the listener “A Prayer for East Oakland” takes a more melancholy tone but conveys the same passion throughout the piece.

While the song, overall, is an exposition on the daily lives of those in Oakland, St. James makes it more personal by involving characters.

After the release of “Doldrums,” Andrew St. James has come out into the music world and has shown everyone what he is capable of. One can only hope he keeps it up and comes out with a new album soon.

Great things are expected from this young man who has a great career ahead of him. 

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