eMerge Americas Techweek: projects pavilion

Photo by Florida International University, courtesy of Creative Commons.

Rebeca Piccardo/News Director

At the eMerge Americas Techweek pavilion, the University will feature:

The 12-fan wall of wind from the International Hurricane Research Center that simulates a Category 5 hurricane, the highest rating in the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

[alert type=”blue”]A Category 5 hurricane sustains wind at 157 mph or higher, leaving catastrophic damage.[/alert]


photo by Florida International University, courtesy of Creative Commons. The Wall of Wind.

The Eye Talker is a pair of eyeglasses that allows people with severe vision impairment to hear the text in multiple languages.

[alert type=”blue”]According to the Eye Talker website, “currently, there is no affordable mechanism that enables blind people to read text in books, magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and other similar items posing a significant constraint and limitation on their daily lives.” The FIU research team is working to change that. [/alert]

The Geospatial Data Management and Analytics system “allows for rapid development of interactive web applications for projects in disaster mitigation, ecology, real estate, and tourism.”

The world’s only underwater laboratory, off the coast of Key Largo. The Aquarius Reef Base is run by the University and allows scientists and other professionals research opportunities.


photo by Florida International University, courtesy of Creative Commons. Model of Aquarius Reef Base.


Scientists from the Center for Advanced Technology and Education will present their work on “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation,” which has provided new insight into the brain and some of its disorders.

New microfluidic devices can identify exactly what the type of explosives are present at crime scenes. Chemistry doctoral student, Kelly Peters, worked on finding a way to quickly analyze explosive compounds such as “black powder, smokeless powder and fertilizer-based explosives such as ammonium nitrate.” This technology will be first responders access situations more quickly than by just using canines and machines.

A University research programs that trains canines to detect laurel wilt pathogen,” which affects Florida agriculture.

From the school of engineering and computing, PerFORM[D]ance House is a solar-powered house that responds to external environmental conditions and internal use.

The Telebot, which is a real-life RoboCop that can help disabled police and military personnel at their work, created by a team of students from the University’s Discovery Lab.


Photo by Florida International University, courtesy of Creative Commons.


An advanced prosthetic hand created by University researchers from the Adaptive Neural Systems Laboratory. this prosthetic system sends sensory feedback to upper extremity amputees.


photo by Florida International University, courtesy of Creative Commons.

According to the project’s website, “a counterbalance system allows the adjustable perimeter louvers to swing open, forming a wide canopy that fully shades the interiors and exterior spaces. The louvered panels can also close tightly against the house to serve as hurricane shutters.”

In other words, it reacts to conditions and adjusts its external features.

The Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management has been working on developing a strain of yeast that consumes a harmful carcinogen found in wine.

In a collaboration between students at Miami Northwestern Senior High School and College of Engineering and Computing, the University is presenting their blender bikes at the pavilion. These are bicycle-powered blenders that help promote healthy eating and living.

The College of business will also present their work at eMerge Americas Techweek pavilion with the Florida Small Business Development Center at FIU, which offers free consulting services to businesses in the community. Representatives of the Applied Research Center will also be present at the event.

Also from the College of Business, alumni Frankie Coletto, founder and CEO of PassTheNotes, Andrés Domínguez co-founder and managing director of Natural Sins and FIU Entrepreneurship Center Chairman Mike Tomás, president and CEO of Bioheart, Inc., will showcase their startups.


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