Relationships: Do they break the bank or save money?

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Ariel Weinstein/Staff Writer 

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is always exciting. Taking them out on dates, spending time together, showing them off to friends, and just being around them.

Having a special someone in your life however, also means having to have money to be able to go on dates and do all of the activities that boyfriends and girlfriends do with each other.

My question is then, is it more or less expensive to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in college?

In my opinion, it all depends on the type of people in the relationship, and also the way the relationship works.

Obviously when you’re in a relationship, there are going to be more activities and dates to pay for. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be more expensive for one person though.

If the guy or girl is always the one paying for dates, of course it will be more expensive.

However, if they alternate who pays for the date or dinner, it would not be so expensive or such a burden for each person.

The other idea on this is that sometimes, maybe when you’re going out with friends to a casual restaurant, or maybe buying popcorn at a movie, you will share one plate or one bag of popcorn, each paying for some of it, therefore saving money.

There’s no need to keep track of who pays for what, but if turns are taken in spending money, it shouldn’t be that much more expensive to have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Jonathan Guerra, a freshman majoring in political science, stated that “relationships are expensive in general.” Guerra explains no matter how you look at it, there are automatically more things to be paid for, making the situation expensive. Maria Alemno, a sophomore majoring in public relations, also had a comment on the idea.

“For me to have a boyfriend is definitely cheaper because he pays for everything, especially since we have been together for the past six years,” Alemno said.

Alemno explained that the background her boyfriend comes from is very generous, so she never has to worry about paying for anything.

Both Guerra and Alemno have very good points on the matter. It is normal in this society for the guy to pay for the girl, which in Alemno’s relationship, is very cheap for Alemno, yet seems very expensive for her boyfriend.

Guerra also makes a point that in any way the situation is looked at, because there is a relationship, there is going to be money spent, whether if it is for a date, birthday, Valentine’s present, gas money to go visit the other, or anything really.

In conclusion, I think it all depends on the type of girl or guy in the relationship. Girls don’t necessarily need materialistic things like diamonds, shoes and jewelry to be made happy, and guys don’t always need the latest video game or whatever other expensive new item that just came out.

If you are in a relationship that has a financial balance between the two involved, yes it will probably cost more money than being single, but at the same time, you will be able to be happy with that special person while having the luxury of going out on dates and little things to do with each other. 

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