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Known as the “Sunshine state” and too many a “Republican State”, but has Florida gone Libertarian?
May 2nd, 2014 marks the end of the 2014 “regular session”. Our Florida Legislatures made decisions that some may argue make Florida seem Libertarian.
To make things clear, no bill passed by the legislature becomes law until our Governor, Rick Scott, signs it. However, even the republican governor seems to be on board with the libertarian decisions.
Florida lawmakers have sent Rick Scott a bill to legalize a version of medical marijuana. This version may be used by epileptic children and cancer patients. To Florida’s surprise, Governor Rick Scott has pledged to sign the “SB 1030”.
The “SB 1030” will create a legal system for producing, dispensing, and studying the drug in Florida. The medical marijuana will be dispensed to patients who are permanent residents of Florida who have unfortunate conditions leading to seizures and also those who suffer with cancer.
The legislation of medical marijuana is not the only thing that shocked this state. The Republican-controlled legislature also agreed to lower college tuition to undocumented immigrants.
According to the bill, as long as the undocumented immigrants attend Florida public schools three years before applying, they will be granted in-state-tuition.
Once again, our republican governor embraced this bill and is in sync with Florida law makers.
Medical marijuana, in-state-tuition for illegal immigrants, what else did the Florida Legislatures agree on?
Believe it or not ladies and gentleman, our legislatures are calling for higher speed limits. 5 mph faster to be precise. The reason is not yet clear but some lawmakers joke that a higher speed limit will allow them to get to Tallahassee faster.
Florida lawmakers have truly come together and made positive changes for this state. The Governor of Florida seems to be in sync with the libertarian rulings. Is it because he is running for re-election? Is this a tactic to get more votes? Civilians wouldn’t like to think so but many may argue differently.
In any case, Florida should no longer be seen as a Republican state but as a state that is coming together and making changes for itself.

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  1. Andrew Dias | August 27, 2014 at 11:13 AM |

    Marijuana policy is becoming more liberal, but I don’t think this is libertarian. The libertarian platform opposes government controls, and a government system of distribution and research is exactly what they would want to avoid. Theyprobably want some untaxed system of distribution without quality controls.

    More than 70% of republican voters in FL support medical MJ. Additionally over 80% of democrat voters in FL support Charlotte’s Web. It’s hard to say it’s uniquely a libertarian policy if both of the major parties support medical allocation.

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