SGC-BBC president on board with iREAL

Alexi C. Cardona/ Staff Writer

The Biscayne Bay Campus’ Student Government Council president gave new senators a vocabulary lesson during this week’s senate meeting.

Jazmin Felix, the SGC-BBC president, explained the terminology used in senate meetings to new SGC members and quizzed them on what it means to reach quorum and present a motion, among other things.

To reach quorum, two-thirds of SGC-BBC’s senators must be present at senate meetings.

One senator representing the College of Nursing and Health Sciences resigned between the first and second meeting. Four senators out of seven attended this week’s meeting, and five out of eight senators attended last week’s meeting.

One of Felix’s goals as SGC-BBC president is to work toward increasing the university’s graduation rates.

Felix met with current provost Douglas Wartzok and incoming provost Kenneth Furton to discuss increasing the percentage of students who graduate from the university in 4 to 6 years.

FIU’s iReal Committee, which stands for integrating Research, Engagement, Assessing and Learning, drafted a plan to “identify ways FIU can leverage its current success as a world class research university and a community engaged solutions center to be more world serving and stay competitive.”

Aside from increasing the percentage of graduation rates, the iReal draft hopes to increase enrollment, expand the university’s financial base and help graduates prepare for their careers in a quickly-evolving global marketplace.

SGC-BBC is still recruiting students to fill positions within the senate and cabinet. Among the positions available are chief of staff, press secretary, special events coordinator and director of lectures. These positions fall within the executive cabinet of SGC.

Senators are needed to represent the schools of hospitality management, journalism and nursing and health sciences.

Senate meetings are held Mondays at 3:30 p.m in WUC 221.

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