Intramural Kayak Race Series hosts first event of the summer

Image courtesy of BBC Rec Center.

Sofia Galiano/ Staff Writer

The Biscayne Bay Campus rec center is hosting an event this weekend perfect for those who love to kayak, are team players and have a mean competitive streak.

On Saturday, May 31 at 10 a.m. Kayak Races will be held at the kayak launch behind the Aquatic Center to see which team can paddle around some buoys and back to shore the fastest.

The event was introduced by Jonathan “JT” Torrey, recreation administrator and specialist of Adventure X programs at BBC, which includes all kayaking and paddleboarding events.

Torrey said he wanted to do a spin-off on the intramural sports offered on campus, such as basketball, flag football and soccer, and on the popular recreational kayaking – thus, creating the first Intramural Kayak Races Series.

On March 29, the rec center held its first kayak race. Three teams of two members participated, but only one all-male team brought home gold medals.

Nearly two months later, the rec center is calling all kayakers, both experienced and first-timers, to compete in the second kayak race of the year.

Enrollment for the event is similar to that of other intramural sports.

Participants must first create an account on and then register for the event in teams of two.

Although registration has been open for more than two weeks, zero teams have enrolled thus far.

“I’m very sad about that,” said Torrey.

10364218_728074120583874_5653568776596287644_nFor this reason, Torrey will allow participants to enroll the day of the event if needed.

The event is free for FIU and non-FIU students, and all equipment for the event, including paddles, kayaks and life vests, will be provided.

However, Torrey said competitors may bring personal paddles, goggles or gloves to the race.

Once participants arrive, Torrey will go over rules, the route of the race and will demonstrate how to maneuver the kayaks for the inexperienced.

Unlike the first race, kayakers are to paddle from campus, around two buoys and back to shore. Those who fail to turn outside the buoy will be disqualified.

The route will also be a shorter distance than the first race, because Torrey wants to give first-time kayakers a fair chance at making first place.

Competitors should dress comfortably and in clothing they don’t mind getting wet.

The Intramural Kayak Race Series will host three kayak races a year, according to Torrey. He said the following kayak race will be scheduled after evaluating the turnout of Saturday’s event.

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