You are owed nothing

Junette Reyes / Editor-in-Chief


If you are currently walking around, living your life believing that you are entitled to something, let me tell you now that you are so unmistakably wrong.

This is especially true if you believe you are entitled to something without putting any effort into achieving or obtaining whatever that something may be.

Even if that were not the case, simply believing you deserve something or have a right to something does not always mean your are entitled to that something.

You are not owed anything regardless of whatever misfortunes or sense of self-importance you believe justifies a sense of self-entitlement.

Your needs and desires are no more significant than the person next to you. You should never hold yourself to a higher esteem as if you deserve more than anyone else in this world, because you do not deserve neither any more nor any less than anyone else in this world. You are only human after all, just like everybody else.

You get out of life exactly what you put into it. Respect others, live passionately and spread kindness and the same will hopefully be returned if you surround yourself around the right people. But never do so with the expectation that it will be returned or with the belief that you deserve to have it returned. Do so because it is the right thing to do. Because at the very least, what everybody in this world deserves is to be respected, to be treated fairly, to live a peaceful and just life.

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