Four things to appreciate before you get sick

Sofia Galiano / Staff Writer

I almost never get sick. Many have said I workout too often. I’m certain I eat more fruits and veggies than most of my friends. I frequently wash my hands and sometimes take three showers a day. I’m also one of the few people in today’s society who actually gets a full eight hours of sleep, or the equivalent of a good night’s rest.

Although I try to lead a healthy life, I still get the occasional cold say maybe once a year, which sideswipes me off my fitness-devotee pedestal. Each time I get sick I am reminded how exhausting and disheartening it is. Part of me even resents all the moments when I am not sick and feel invincible, but decide to lay in bed all day.

To avoid the time-consuming and life-sucking emotion of regret, be sure to fully live out your health and appreciate these little things in life before catching a cold:

  1. Go exercise: I know from experience, jogging while sick helps clear nostril congestion and other sinuses. The only problem is you really don’t feel like doing it. Next morning or afternoon you are free, instead of lying around at home or sleeping in, go for a run. If that’s too intense, set a date to go kayaking or paddleboarding with some friends – both are offered at BBC for just 10 bucks.
  2. Hit up the beach: It’s a beautiful sunny South Florida afternoon, and while you wish you were swimming in the ocean and soaking in vitamin D, you are wrapped under a blanket in bed while blowing your nose for the hundredth time. Catching rays while being sick will only irritate your already throbbing head and drain whatever energy is left inside of you. So now that you are young and healthy, grab a towel, some water and lots of sunscreen, and jump in that water like your glutes are on fire (which given the average temperature of a summer day in Miami, it most probably is).
  3. Have some ice cream: We all know to drink lots of warm fluids when sick to soothe sore throats and to flush out our system. But because we are human, we are cursed with wanting what we can’t or shouldn’t have. That means the pint of Belgian Milk Chocolate Talenti gelato you forgot was in the freezer is what you are craving right now, except you are sick and you know you will not be able to enjoy it like you normally would. Therefore, screw your diet and have a few spoonfuls’ of chocolate, rich and silky deliciousness.
  4. Give hugs and kisses: Although I have no romantic partners in my life, I still worry about hugging or kissing others while sick for the risk of spreading my illness-inducing seed. So I ask when you go home this evening, kiss your parents, your siblings and/or your spouse and spread your love, guilt-free.


There will always be an excuse not to do something. Sometimes we are tired, too busy or just not in the mood. My suggestion is to stop making excuses and do all the things you say you want to do while your health still permits you.

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Sofia Galiano
: News Director Assistant, former BBC Managing Editor. I'm a senior journalism major and psychology minor. I wrote for the South Florida Times through the Liberty City Link in spring 2014 and have written for The Beacon since fall 2013.

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