VIDEO: SGC-MMC Senate talk low attendance, possible parking counters

Adrian Suarez Avila/Staff Writer

It appears that low meeting attendance has become a minor issue for both sections of the Student Government Association now that Summer B has begun.

While the SGC-BBC senate did not reach quorum this week, the senate meeting for SGC-MMC on June 23 received special recognition for its lowest attendance during summer.

“This is the first Senate meeting of the semester in which attendance is so low,” commented Senate speaker and graduate senator, Charles Perretti.

Of a group consisting of around 28 Senators, only 11 were present for the general meeting.

Perretti cited the beginning of the Summer B term as a possible reason that so many of the senators were absent.

He added that, during the Summer semester, senators are not obligated to be present for the general meetings.

Despite the low turnout, those who were present wasted no time in going straight to business.

Among the several agenda items that were discussed, one dealt with developing news on a potential addition to the operating system in Blue and Gold garages.

“There has been some news regarding the installation of parking garage counters in Blue and Gold garages here on campus,” Perretti said. “But there’s no solid information on it.”

According to an announcement made by Perretti at a previous senate meeting, the parking garage counters will keep track of all the available spaces in the parking garage in which they are installed, updating the student population when the garage is filled to capacity.

The measure aims to reduce traffic and pollution, among other things.

Assuring the senators present at the meeting that the newly appointed Cabinet members are hard at work fulfilling their various duties, Perretti informed those in attendance that, although the position of comptroller is vacant, SGC-MMC president, Alexis Calatayud, is completing the comptroller’s duties for the time being.

According to Perretti, the organization’s constitution allows the president fiduciary powers under certain circumstances to sign off on duties charged to the supervision of the comptroller.

“It might behoove us if the Senate votes to make an amendment to the statute,” Perretti said. “The Senators may decide that in lieu of a comptroller ‘x’ individual may assume the position for a certain amount of time until someone is appointed to the position.”


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