Multiple SGC-BBC appointments to council pending

Alexi C. Cardona/Staff Writer

The Biscayne Bay Campus’ Student Government Council has four appointments pending for new members.

Both the senate meeting on June 23 and the general meeting on June 25 did not reach quorum. The council could not conduct formal meetings, discuss the day’s agenda or appoint new members.

If this week’s meeting reaches quorum, the council will appoint a new comptroller, who will assist in overseeing the SGC-BBC’s finances, a senator for the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, a marketing coordinator and an International Student Services coordinator.

SGC-BBC’s main goal for the summer is to fill all senate positions so they can discuss and pass legislation and start updating the constitution. The council cannot update the constitution until they have senators representing students in each college.

Senators are needed to represent the schools of journalism, hospitality management, education, arts and sciences, nursing and health services and the Broward Pines Center.

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