ASK! Center just two months away

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Construction of the Academic Skills and Knowledge Center in the Glenn Hubert Library at Biscayne Bay Campus is nearly two months from completion.

The ASK! Center is a one-stop shop service desk offering library, technical and tutoring assistance. Renovations will include a new carpet, seating, PC and Mac computers, study rooms, lighting and electrical outlets.

“We are trying to make it easier for the students,” said Gustavo Arauz, administrative office manager of the Glenn Hubert Library.

The project began in January with furniture testing which allowed the Student Government Association and students to select the chairs they wanted in the new library space.

Now the ASK! Center is being built and is set to be completed by Sept. 15.

A wall was installed the first week of July to corner off the area, which Arauz said helps reduce noise from construction.

Signs are posted throughout the library notifying students of the possible disturbance, but Arauz and Shawn Tonner, head of Information and Research Services, said students do not mind.

Tonner said not only is there fewer students on campus because it is the summer, but with signs posted and the recent renovations to the Wolfe University Center, students have other places to study if the noise is a nuisance.

“We’ve had no complaints,” she said.

The Center for Excellence in Writing will be moving from the first floor to the second floor to join Division of IT, the libraries, Center for Academic Success and the Office of Business Services in the ASK! Center.

Other changes are underway in the library. The computers nearest to the entrance were removed to make way for a Starbucks kiosk which will be installed and open for business by fall.

Arauz said once the computers upstairs have been installed and are open for use, the remaining computers on the first floor will also be removed.

Details of the grand opening will be announced at a later date.

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