Never take no for an answer

Krysisha Conly / Contributing Writer


How many times have you been told no? Too many times to count, right? The word no be very discouraging and a major let down. It’s a very scary word for some people because it’s usually the face of rejection, which when you face it makes some want to give up and just say, “Forget it.”

Sometimes people may not ever face an opportunity, because they are in fear of being told no. Assuming an answer and doubting yourself is just setting you up for repeatedfailures.

If this sounds like you, I’m here to tell you to stop taking no for an answer!

Over the past year I have come into contact with the word no millions of times. It hurt so much when I was told no, when it came to something I was very passionate about. Especially when I put my all into something or I know deep down in my heart I know am qualified for, I’m not going to take that measly little word no for an answer.

Whenever I receive the word no for an answer, there’s a feeling I get deep down in my belly. I become determined to become persistent and receive what I feel I deserve.

For example there was an opportunity that came up to possibly work for Usher’s New Look Foundation from an adviser at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in an email.

Usher’s New Look Foundation is a foundation that helps youth excel in school, their dreams and goals. It helps them strive to become leaders in life. They were hiring for an intern position and I felt that I would be a great asset because one of their four pillars in making the foundation work is talent.

I felt that I would have a lot of insight and advice when it came to talent and pursuing a job in that field. So I went through the process of contacting the supervisor of the New Look Foundation in Milwaukee and sent him my resume and email.

He replied back with saying he will reply back in a week to let people know who he’s going to choose to go on to be interviewed. A week passed by and I didn’t here anything back from him.

I even waited 3 days just to see if he’s a little behind. I sent a follow up email to see how the process was going and I stilldidn’t receive a reply back.

By now it’s getting to two weeks, which by then is usually standard for an employer to make its decision, so I decided to wait.

When the two weeks and three days came around, I called the adviser that sent out the email to see if he  knew what was going on.

He told me that the supervisor wasn’t currently looking to do any more interviews and he’s finished looking to fill the position for now. I was so surprised and felt kind of disrespected.

I asked the adviser for the supervisor’s number and he gave it to me. As soon as I got of the phone I gave

the supervisor a call- I wasn’t going to take no for an answer!

I wanted to let him know how I felt that not replying back and informing people he was finished with interviews was unprofessional.I wanted to let him know how I felt, but not in a disrespectful way.

He never picked up, so I left a message. Five minutes after leaving that message I receive a call back from his number. I answered the phone and said, “Hello?” to which he said, “Hi, it’s Mr. Unprofessional.” Jokingly.

He said that he had to give me a call back after hearing me call him unprofessional. We spoke for about an hour about my dreams and goals.

He was very interested in what I wanted to do and told me to resend my resume and my contact info, he wanted to hire me! He was out of town at the time so he couldn’t interview me right then, but he said in two days he would be able to set up an interview with me.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take on that position because the same day of my interview my mom was taken to the ER and later passed. I informed him what was going on and he would email or call and check in with me.

We are still in contact with each other, even though I’m not able to take the position. He always mentions how he admires my persistence and strength. I now have put that to attest and many opportunities have and are coming my way.

This story is just to go to show that never taking no for an answer will help strengthen you and demolish the fear you have of the word no! Now sometimes you may have to face the word no, but you walk around it and go bigger and better to get that yes! 

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