Ikea store opens near MMC

Ezita Rodriguez/Staff Writer

Stephane Charite, a junior studying computer science recently chose to live on campus to focus more on his studies.

However, he is struggling with the lack of storage room for basic items like personal hygiene products.

Less than five miles from the Modesto Maidique Campus, the second Ikea store in South Florida recently opened. Students who live on campus or off campus can benefit from Ikea for shopping, ideas and or inspiration.

The store offers several showrooms with different styles fit for any lifestyle.

“I plan to go to Ikea in two or three weeks, once my financial aid goes through,” Charite said. “I basically want to find small items to organize and store school supplies and other things.”

University Housing Director Joseph Paulik encourages students to decorate their rooms and add their own personal touch.

“We want students to personalize their space,” he said. “We give them the bare bones, a clean and well maintained space—then they can do the rest.”

Krystal Nicholson, a second year graduate student studying higher education administration, finished most of her shopping for her dorm

“I wish they could have opened before school started [so I could] buy more things [earlier], but I plan on getting two new rugs there.”

However, when purchasing new items for their dorms, students need to be aware of the rules and regulations.

Paulik said that the school does not allow large pieces of furniture, but shelves or small items to help organize the room are okay.

Daniel Peña a sophomore chemistry student living in Everglades Hall, said that spacing can be an issue in the smaller dorms.

He plans to buy items at Ikea so he can make the most of it.

“Some of the dorm rooms on campus can be small, and Ikea offers tools to make the most out of a small space,” said Peña.


According to the student handbook for housing and residential life, shelves or other items cannot be attached to the walls or ceilings.

This regulation is meant to prevent damage, other specific regulations have also been placed to prevent fire hazards.

Sophomore Sophia Gonzalez, a history major has never been to an Ikea because of the distance and looks forward to visiting the store.

The other Ikea in South Florida is located in Sunrise and is over 30 miles from MMC.

“Ikea is convenient because it’s cheap and now it’s closer, I’ve been looking at prices online,” Gonzalez said. “I look forward to visiting.”

Ikea staff not only hope that students will shop there, but also want to work at the store.

Representatives from Ikea attended an FIU career fair during the summer and again visited the campus during the first week of fall, offering part time and full time positions to students.

“Ikea has a wide range of benefits and employment opportunities, like tuition reimbursement and paid time off,” said Selwyn Crittendon, the Sweetwater store manager.



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