Police alert: man on bike grabs womens’ buttocks

Photo by Philippe Buteau

Rebeca Piccardo and Camila Fernandez/FIUSM Staff

The University police is seeking a riding groper on campus.

Students received phone calls, e-mails and text message alerts on Thursday, Sept. 4 about an unknown male who, on two separate incidents, grabbed girls’ buttocks while passing on his bicycle at the Modesto Maidique Campus.

The first incident took place by the Wertheim Conservatory at about 10:00 p.m on June 24. The other incident happened by the Green Library breezeway at about 10:50 p.m. on September 2.

Police described the suspect as a “thin white male,” according to a University wide email sent out by External Relations.

FIU police have not confirmed that the two cases are related, but according to the e-mail, “these two incidents are related they are similar enough in the description of the perpetrator and actions that they warrant informing our community of these occurrences.”

To help further investigation, the FIUPD asks students with additional information to contact them at 305-348-2626 or online at the FIUPD website.


This story will be updated are more information before available.



3 Comments on "Police alert: man on bike grabs womens’ buttocks"

  1. This is the most stupid alert ever sent out. Are they bragging about the quality of campus life? More than 300 police officers at all times on campus these past few days, and this is what happens? And then they send this out to everyone?! SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD! SMH

  2. I agree with most people’s expressions of annoyance. I get it: the alerts seem excessive. But let’s keep in mind that both these incidents are examples of sexual harassment. These recent ones don’t necessarily belong to the same degree to which a rape incident will belong, but they nonetheless warrant attention. If you were one of the females who was groped, then I sure as hell bet that you would want to alert police in order to extend the message to others.

    All media of communication were used to get the message out because not everyone will be able to pick up a phone when a call is made, thus making a text message more convenient (e-mails included.)

    If FIU was blasting your phone with a notification that Pharell and Ariana Grande were taking a stroll along the fountain by GC, then I’m sure you would bless the thought of excessive alerts. Quit your bitchin’ and take a second to consider these situations more carefully when they seem unnecessary.

  3. Changed my cell phone to some random gibberish came out when i smashed the number pad on my keyboard so I won’t be bugged by useless texts like these.

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