Greek Intramurals kick off with sorority play

By: Rebecca Charur

Notice: Team names are not a representation of student media or the Beacon.

There was no shortage of scoring when Monday, Sept. 15, night’s Greek intramural flag football kicked off. Eight sorority teams went head to head and four of those teams left the intramural field with plenty of points and a well earned victory.

In the highest scoring game of the night, Delta Phi Epsilon and their captain Valessi Lalondriz took on Tri Sigma. With a productive and efficient offense, Delta Phi Epsilon went on to defeat Tri Sigma 65-0. They hope to extend this winning streak on Sept. 29 against D4days, a non-greek affiliated team.

Also in the night’s winner’s circle was Our D is always hard, a non-greek affiliated team. Captain Michele Alfonso and the team did in fact play as their name suggests and held Alpha Xi Delta scoreless  with a final score of 42-0.  In their next matchup on Sept. 22, they will also play D4days.

Phi Sigma Sigma defeated #AlumProbz, a team of Alpha Xi Delta alumna, 24-0 in their season opener Monday night, led by captain Katty Pasquariello. Captain Anneliese Penate and #AlumProbz hope to bounce back against Sigma Kappa on Sept. 23 and get the win.

Monday night also proved to be a good night for BALL SNATCHERS, another non-greek affiliated team, who defeated Alpha Omicron Pi 0-21. In the next game, captain Sierra Gordon and the rest of the victorious team will go head to head against Phi Sigma Sigma, who also want to keep their undefeated streak going after their season opener.

Overall, it was an electrifying start the the Greek flag football season with teams racking up points on offense and strong defensive performances. The next few weeks will bring plenty of football from fraternities and even more sororities, along with plenty of exciting action that usually accompanies the sport.

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