A review of Sports Grill

By Nicole Zummar/ Staff Writer

Finding good food at an affordable price near FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus initially seems like a challenge.

Most students attending BBC, like myself, are likely to ride the bus or drive to campus, go to a class or two and then head back home.

But for students with breaks in between classes and who want options other than Grille Works, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Subway, there are various places to choose from.

Sports Grill is one of these options.

Recognized mostly by its locations in Kendall and the Bird Road area, the popular franchise branches north to 2995 NE 163 St. – a few street lights from campus.

The restaurant is located in a small shopping center, with large green sign visible from the main road. Beneath them is a mid-sized terrace that absorbs the breeze coming off the Biscayne Bay, along with a large flat screen TV that never turns off.

Banners surround the entire roof, in addition to posters, jerseys, and of course, more flat screen TVs to encourage the sportsmanship spirit. There are even several Panther and Roary banners hanging from the roof in support of FIU.

The décor, however, does not compare to the food.

The chicken wings, known to be the house’s specialty, have a great homemade taste and come with several dipping sauces varying in spice and flavor.

The Miami Heat sauce is a match for the courageous, made up of five spices.

The Buffalo Style goes for those who like tradition. Beware, though, the Buffalo Style will leave your fingers as sticky as honey, as the sauce engulfs the plate.

The Garlic style wings are mild and traditional. They are an interesting mix of garlic and parmesan – free of spice, but full in flavor.

The wings are $1 each, and the orders range from five all the way to 50 wings. On Monday’s from  4 p.m. until closing, wings are 65-cents a piece.

On Tuesdays, Miami Dade County employees can enjoy a night of free beer at 7 p.m., while kids eat free on Wednesdays all day and selected draft beers are just $1.

There is also a full bar for those 21 years and older, offering draft and bottled beers, specialty drinks and more.

Overall, Sports Grill is a pretty good place to eat for a good price – especially if you’re waiting to see a Panthers’ away game, or just any sports match for that matter.


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