Largest student organization offers opportunities in finance

Destiney Burt/Staff Writer

Alejandro Porras, a junior finance major, considered his career goals when he chose to join the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting during fall 2013.

Porras, president-elect of ALFA Tech Group, said he was seeking an organization that could streamline him to a secure job while meeting other students with shared values.

“ALPFA allowed me to make friends with like-minded individuals and connect with people who push me, compete with me and ultimately strive to become more balanced individuals together,” said Porras.

As the biggest student business organization on campus, ALPFA offers opportunities for students to network and gain professional skills that are essential in the business world.

Marcela Ruiz-Paiz, a senior majoring in accounting, also joined the organization in fall 2013, and said it has helped her grow both personally and professionally.

“I have encountered several mentors along the way who have helped me come out of my shell and are constantly encouraging me to reach my fullest potential,” said Ruiz-Paiz.

The group provides a mentorship program, “Toastmasters” to practice public speaking and Tech Group to educate on the use of technology in business.

Every Friday ALPFA invites one accounting and one finance firm to present job, internship opportunities. Members dress in business attire to interview with or receive information from company representatives.

“The networking ability to speak to recruiters every Friday during our meeting has been a great way to help me feel comfortable approaching them and talking to them,” Ruiz-Paiz said.

Although the organization started out to specifically help business students, it has opened up to accept students from any major who want to become involved and network in the business world.

With support from school of accounting and the Student Government Association, 52 of the most active members travelled for free to attend the ALPFA Annual Convention in Orlando this August.

“The greatest thing ALPFA has given me is a family—a group of like-minded individuals who want to succeed and want to help others do the same,” said Ruiz-Paiz.

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