SGC-BBC welcomes new leadership positions

Alexi C. Cardona/Staff Writer

The Biscayne Bay Campus’ Student Government Council appointed several new senators in its last few meetings to represent students and the different colleges on campus.

Rebecca Merek, a junior hospitality major, and Yumeng Zhang, a senior also majoring in hospitality, were elected as the new Hospitality Management senators.

Lauren Peterson, a freshman majoring in biology, was appointed lower-division senator.

As a transfer student from Cornell, Peterson was frustrated when the classes she took at her previous university did not count toward the University’s core curriculum.

“There needs to be someone to guide transfer students better,” Peterson said.

Akheim Paisley, a junior majoring in psychology, was appointed as the new Arts and Sciences senator.

Bendjy Calixte, a junior political science major, and Xuan Di, a senior majoring in hospitality, are the new at-large senators. Both said they wanted to get more involved on campus.

“I want to do something meaningful and feel a sense of accomplishment,” said Di.

SGC-BBC also welcomed two new justices.

Stefy Moreau, a senior accounting major who was a justice last year, and Abigail Morales, a freshman political science major, were both appointed justices.

“It was enlightening to learn how justices affect the school,” said Moreau. She said the justices had but one case to hear last year.

Kareem Stanbury, a junior majoring in broadcast media, was appointed the new marketing coordinator.

Stanbury said he wanted to better promote student government events through the use of social media and entertainment.

“I want to make SGA more noticeable and be more loud about events,” Stanbury said.



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