Alumnus creates Gear Sweat, product line of healthy alternatives

By: Ariel Weinstein/Staff Writer

Walk into any Walgreens, Publix or CVS, and you are guaranteed to find at least five different brands of protein bars, protein shakes, and other weight control and workout supplements.

Nestor Diaz, a University graduate who earned his degree in dietetics in 2013, and his  business partner Jose Diaz, Florida Gulf Coast University graduate with a degree in business management, created a new protein product called Gear Butter, and Gbutter for short.

“The name G Sweat – Is Gear Sweat and was the name of my personal training company.

We thought of the name Gear Butter, because we view our body as a machine…if you give it good fuel, you’ll definitely feel the difference” said Nestor Diaz.

With his knowledge of dietetics, Nestor Diaz knows the true effects of these supplements to the body and wanted to form a new product which provides better results without the negative ingredients that may be contained in others.

Nestor Diaz and Jose Diaz started the company called G Sweat in 2010. Based out of Miami they were able to supply various boxes, CrossFit gyms, and shops throughout Florida and the New England area.

Although it might just be Gbutter to others, Nestor Diaz explains why he wanted to create such a product.

“What pushed me to create this product was my love for sweets and nutella. During my lifestyle change, I went from 264 pounds which was my highest weight. I was 42’ waist. When I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I knew I had to make a change. I started eating healthy – oatmeal, chicken, broccoli. But to keep sane, I needed something that was healthy and didn’t backtrack my workouts [or] diet. So I created Gbutter and used a sweetener that wasn’t metabolized by the body and instead came naturally from a leaf (Stevia)” Nestor Diaz explained.

G Sweat is also partnered with Serena Sol, a catering company for CrossFit, that infuses G Sweat ingredientsinto some of their products.

Nestor Diaz explained that “there are 60 ‘boxes’ from Miami to Boca that hold the product and we sponsor them when they need us. We call the gyms boxes because its it’s not like a gym where you go and don’t know anybody. You go and you know everybody.”

The products G Sweat sells are similar to a healthy Nutella. G Sweat currently has two flavors of Gbutter, chocolate and cinnamon bun. One of the biggest health differences is that instead of adding sugar to their product, G Sweat adds an ingredient called stevia, which according to Nestor Diaz, is sweet but doesn’t have any macros and is more like fiber. It also has ten grams of protein in two tablespoons.

“At first it was slow but whenever you put hard work into something….once you build a business plan and stick to it, it works” Nestor Diaz said.

As of now, G Sweat has 4 employees, but the company plans to have three times this number next year.  The company is also planning to incorporate more food products into the business, hoping to sell more than just Gbutter. One such product for example, is black rice from China, in addition to a natural supplement line.

Nestor Diaz focuses on a few unique characteristics of Gbutter, that make it different from other health products. “We have a lot of unique qualities as a high protein spread. We use not so common nuts – Cashews (chocolate flavor) Walnut (cinnamon bun flavor). We do not use any sugar. This is diabetic safe- low glycemic response. We have the highest calorie to protein ratio in the world for nut butters. We are half the calories of any leading peanut butter/lmond butter brand and more protein. We do not use genetically modified organism products. Most brands of nuts use GMO plants.”

Evan Gregorius, a freshman majoring in music business, says that “Gbutter combines the best of both worlds. It is rich and creamy and flavorful, but it also is healthy and high in protein. You can’t go wrong with Gbutter.”

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