Greek flag football postseason soon to begin

By: Rebecca Charur/Staff Writer

As the fraternity flag-football regular season comes to an end, several teams have managed to stay atop of the standings and keep their winning records.

On Tuesday, Oct. 14, the fraternity teams competed against each other in one of the final nights of competitive action before the playoffs. This is an important time for the teams because these last couple weeks are their last opportunities to improve as a unit. If such improvements are not made, the teams face the threat of an early departure from the playoffs and an end to their flag-football season.

With that being said, the teams that played on Tuesday night not only focused on getting the victory, but also focused on possible improvements that can be made to put themselves in a better position to advance past the first round of the playoffs next week.

Two teams in particular have managed to extend their winning streaks and establish themselves as the teams to beat heading into the playoffs.

The team at the top of the standings is Pi Kappa Phi with a current undefeated record of 5-0-0. After beating Sigma Alpha Mu, Zeta Beta Tau and Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Phi has proved to the league that they are the team to beat. When taking a closer look at the scoreboard throughout the regular season, it is notable that not only have they won every game, but each victory has come through sheer domination, winning by an average of 37.5 points per game.

Their last victory came on Tuesday night from defeating Theta Chi 42-0. This win allows Pi Kappa Phi to enter into the postseason with some momentum.

“I think we are ready. Our entire team is making an effort to get better each and every day. All we have left to do is a little fine tuning and we will be ready to go,” said Pi Kappa Phi wide receiver and safety Fernando Trillo.

The other team that has emerged as a team to beat in the league is Sigma Phi Epsilon. With an undefeated record of 5-0-0, the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon have proven that they understand what it takes to win, especially in close game situations. Furthermore, their victories came against Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Pi and Divine 9, handing them their only loss of the regular season.

Their last game of the regular season was played on Tuesday night where Sigma Phi Epsilon defeated Beta Theta Pi 42-0. This was the first game that the team scored over 20 points and the encouraging victory came in at a well time as playoffs are soon to begin.

Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Phi Epsilon have put themselves in a good position heading into the playoffs between their undefeated records and the consistent push for improvement. Although these two teams are considered some of the favorites, at the end of the day, each team gets a fresh start when the playoffs come around. So, in reality, the championship is anyone’s for the taking.


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