Editorial: Campus resources could save your life



Heading into the holiday season there can be a million things running through a student’s mind. A mix of course exams, work and family affairs can impact one for the worse.

WIth this these issues at hand, it was a nice time for Parking and Transportation and the Student Government Council to meet and tour around the school for the Campus Safety Walk. The main focus last year was poor lighting in many areas and it is clear the problem persists.

Each department, including the students and especially those living on campus, need to stress respective party to address the problems so we can not only focus on other issues that may arise, but also prevent them.

If more students were to attend this Campus Safety Walk they would be well informed with more than just poorly-lit areas, but also be enlightened on safety tips mentioned during the walk.

What may be the easiest way to stay safe with a preoccupied mind is simple awareness to all the resources available on campus. Every student should be cognizant of how the Panther Safety Tram works and which number to call in case of emergencies when on campus.

The Panther Safety Tram runs on Modesto A. Maidique and Biscayne Bay campuses. The tram is a transportation service for those on campus. A student can call to be picked from anywhere on campus and driven to another location on campus.

Another thing to consider is a buddy system in order to avoid being alone. If two friends are leaving campus a simple buddy system to walk a friend to their car and have the second student drive to the other student’s car can prevent a sense of fear and a dangerous situation.

In case of anything, every student should have the University police department’s numbers saved on their phones: 305-348-5911 for MMC and 305-919-5911 for BBC. University police might be able to have faster response than 911 when on campus.

Besides physical safety there is a lot students have to manage at once. Counseling and Psychological Services are paid for when you register for classes each semester. It is available on MMC in the University Health and Services Complex suite 270, 305-348-2277; on BBC in the Wolfe University Center suite 320, 305-919-5305; and in the Engineering Center. CAPS also has an 24 hour emergency hotline if the office is not open at 305-348-3000.

The staff consists of psychologists, social workers and mental health counselors. There are individual, group and couple sessions for students in a strict confidential manner. Walk-in or appointment, counselors will help to find the best solutions for issues you may have or identify needs, explain choices, help students to medical services and help to have a safety plan.

Life as a student can be tough, but that does not give reason to be left in the dark without the knowledge of the extensive resources available with significant convenience.


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