MMC Student Government creates series for incoming students

By Katrina Velez

Contributing Writer

The Student Government Association’s “Meet and Greet: What I Wish I Knew” opening segment invited students on Tuesday, Jan. 13, to hear its members speak about what they wish they would have known when they first started FIU.

SGA representatives briefed students about its current projects for the academic year.

“I always hear the student body government is doing this, but I never see it happen,” said freshman Samantha Palomino. “So when we walked in we thought, oh ok, they’re talking to people, asking questions, they want to know what’s going on and [have] people show up.”

Speakers noted the importance of SGA to the campus community, given that the organization receives an annual $16 million budget to fund all campus clubs and student activities, including its current plans to expand the number of study spaces.

Questions regarding the budget were on everyone’s mind, like FIU’s unreliable Wi-Fi.

“I understand it’s a first world problem,” Palomino said.

Nonetheless, speakers admitted to the bitter irony of the Steve and Dorothea Green Library and the Graham Center being the worst places for obtaining an internet connection, and announced plans to improve it within the next three years.

The meeting allowed for students to gain transparency in relation to FIU’s campus activities and developments.

“I wanted this to be something students can relate to,” said Mary Corbin, a junior and SGA’s current chief of staff. “We wanted to give the students a gist of what SGA is all about and what we do for them.”

This segment is part of the organization’s series “SGA Declassified School Survival Guide,” a spin-off title of Nickelodeon’s “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” which Corbin thought would relate to the lower classmen age group.

Students enjoyed Publix cupcakes, pizza and free office supplies while the organization’s legislation offered advice on handling college as an incoming freshmen or new student.

Freshman Anaise Hernandez was also worried about the Wi-Fi connection.

“It was helpful to find out how things are passed around here,” Hernandez said. “Especially that whole Wi-Fi thing. We’re waiting for that to speed up — literally.”


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