Dating Apps: Am I your Tinderella?

Photo by Marlisa Ponce

By Marlisa Ponce
Columnist/FIUSM Staff
Dating apps are all the rage nowadays. Not only are they user friendly, they’re also the fastest and easiest way to meet new people.

Our generation relies heavily on technology as well as being able to do practically anything on our phones, which makes dating apps that much more in demand.

Dating apps have been around for a while now, but have only recently blown up in the past few years. Apps like OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish and Tinder have all grown in popularity.

Tinder is a combination of a hook-up and dating app, making it one of the most popular applications available to iPhone and Android owners. With functions that allow for a quick swipe to the right to “like” someone, Tinder has definitely been the MVP of the dating world.

Tinder has caught the attention of not only FIU students, but also found a home in the Sochi Winter Olympics last year. American slopestyle gold medalist Jamie Anderson told Us Weekly that she had to delete her Tinder app in order to keep her from being distracted.

One of the pros to Tinder is that it allows you to know how close or far within the 100-mile radius the person on the other side is. This is extremely useful when traveling and trying to meet up with locals to show you around.

Another application that has increasingly grown its member list is OkCupid. Originally forming from, OkCupid has become another front-runner for those looking to network, or for just fun.

Anthony Santovenia, a senior communications major, was asked whether or not he would recommend OkCupid to someone else. “I wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for something serious but if you’re trying to have fun and meet new people, yes,” Santovenia said.

Meeting someone from online will probably always be a bit awkward or flat out scary, but as the world changes so do the rules in the dating world and how we meet one another.

According to, one in ten Americans have used a mobile dating app or website themselves.

So if you’re debating on whether to get Tinder, OkCupid or whatever other dating app that’s caught your attention, go for it. You never know–maybe the hottie that sits in front of you is on it as well.


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