Top Tres hang-out spots on campus

The swinging tables outside of the Ernest R. Graham Center is the number one spot to hangout on campus


There are a lot of different places on campus that students choose to hang out, grab bites to eat, or study. Here are my top three for the best places to hang out.

No. 1 is the swinging tables outside of the Ernest R. Graham Center. These are usually filled up but if you get the chance to get inside of one of these, it is a great spot for a date, lunch with friends, or if you are brave enough to fight through the wind and/or heat, to do some homework. It is my top spot because it has the perfect combination of view, exclusiveness, and ways of use.

No. 2 is the gazebo in between Lakeview Hall and the Frost Art Museum lake – which I am naming Lowell Lake after FIU Baseball alum and former MLB World Series MVP Mike Lowell – for a nice place to sit where you can look at ducks, hang out with some friends, or be on a phone call with some privacy and a good view.

The side of this that knocks it down: there is no table to put stuff on and it may or may not be used for some publically frowned upon (illegal) activities.

No. 3 has to be Breezeway by the P.O.D. of the University Towers buildings. It is probably the most social place out of my top three and has an option for food right near tables and benches. If you can grab a table and not get hit by water balloons from above then it is worth it.

You probably won’t get any homework done and as the name suggests it can get pretty windy. “Loudness” is also a factor both in sound and other ways.


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