President Rosenberg to hold town hall forum at Biscayne

Written by Camila Fernandez/BBC Managing Editor

These last years, students at the Biscayne Bay Campus have witnessed several newly added facilities and programs, as well as ongoing renovations on campus.

To address student concerns, the BBC Student Government Council will host its 9th Annual Town Hall Meeting Monday, Feb. 16, an open forum with University President Mark B. Rosenberg.

According to Larissa Adames, SGC-BBC Campus Life Coordinator, the town hall is a way for students, faculty and staff to discuss with the president about campus issues.

“The president usually gives an update on whatever is going with the University, specific to BBC, and after that, there’s an open forum for [Questions and Answers],” Adames said.

According to Elina Sibony, SGC-BBC Chief of Staff, the meeting will provide updates on major accomplishments. This includes last year’s opening of Panther Square and Panther Plaza, as well as a new Starbucks and Subway dining facility and the Academic Skills and Knowledge Center at the Glenn Hubert Library.

“This is the most important opportunity that anyone has to make their voice heard,” Sibony said, a junior marketing and finance double major.

“So if you have something that is on your mind, something that’s troubling you, this is the best way for you to get it heard,” Sibony said.

Sibony also said a new road to enter campus will be discussed at the meeting. The proposed road would help drivers avoid heavy traffic on Northeast 151 Street caused by the David Lawrence Junior K-8 Center and Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High.

This is a major project that the BBC Student Government Council has been working on for a while now and is not expected to be completed any time soon. However, it is something that the council is determined to work on.

“That project will take at least several years, so it’s not going to be anything that we’re going to see too soon, but we do want to get our foot in the door for that,” Sibony said.

She said a project such as this one, requires a better and a louder voice from the BBC students. Thus, attending the meeting is something to take into account for the betterment of the campus community. However, what is currently being heavily focused on is the outside construction and remodeling of the Glenn Hubert Library.

Sibony said she hopes that there will be a large student turnout so that their concerns are addressed.

“We want as many students, as many members of the community, as many members of faculty and staff with any concerns or with any wishes, opinions, grievances — anything at all,” Sibony said.

“The bigger, the better, honestly.”

The meeting will be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Wolfe University Center Ballrooms. Registration is open at

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