Give her a compliment, we all deserve it

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Veronika Quispe | Contributing Writer

Go out and give a girl a compliment, I dare you.

Go on and tell her that her shirt looks awesome on her. Not as charity, not as an act of kindness, but more as an act of support.

In a time when women are constantly fighting to be respected and valued in society, we must not forget that it applies to both genders. We have to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and encourage our power to pursue our own virtues.

It is very important that women appreciate and respect each other. We are all one team, we are one group of people who more or less share the same problems. Most of the time it is our love lives or trying to be successful in our careers or, of course, TOM.

Regardless of the battle we are fighting on this day, we are all warriors fighting through it.

Between concert tickets not being cheaper, food making you gain weight, the Miami Heat losing, him not texting you back fast enough, and GPAs, a girl barely has time to remind herself that these things are only temporary.

Then there are world issues, and that list is even more painful.

Now, it doesn’t stop there. We must also live among women who are envious or out to judge. Why are we each other’s problem? It’s 2015, it’s time to stop being catty.

Encourage our good decisions, for we over analyzed each move just like you did.

Compliment our outfit, because we may have scored a huge sale or worked really hard to purchase it at Urban Outfitters.

Congratulate us when we’re eating a salad or working out, because you know how much it sucks and you should be proud that we’re actually sticking through it.

If we go a different route and eat the pound burger, well then don’t tell us how much it will add to our thighs; pass the ketchup and laugh while you steal a fry.

There are so many young women fighting difficulties such as illnesses, relatives dying or a battle with themselves. Constantly telling themselves that everything will be alright. Every problem has a solution and tomorrow, when the sun rises, better things will come.

These women, like us, don’t need the added weight of unreasonable hate or intolerance.

Maybe she cut you in line, maybe she did dress up too much for school, she was way too loud in class or her views on reality are a little off. But who really cares?

Who cares how many filters she used on her picture? That’s what they’re there for. Who cares if you think she looks slutty because her boobs are big and too exposed in her dress? She’s blessed and knows it, I wish I was. Who cares if she only posts about sororities? She’s found a place where she belongs, and heck, she’s paying a ton of money for all these moments and might as well juice them.

Every woman is different, and hating on them or putting them down for any of the little irrelevant things I mentioned before makes no sense. Why are we in a war with our own kind?

Maybe we should’ve paid more attention to Ms. Norbury in Mean Girls. Men already make our lives a nightmare by belittling us with their apathy and judging. We should stand together to appreciate and support one another.

I’m not asking for us to all get along and “bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.” What I’m asking for is tolerance.

Tolerance for the chick who is always pissed off, the sorority girl, the girl that hasn’t found herself yet, the one who posts a selfie an hour, the slutty one, the prude one, the jock, the PLUR warrior and even that girl that bullied you in high school.

I haven’t mastered this art yet. I’d be lying if I told you it’s easy to not hate the girl that believes in everything you’re against. But that’s the beauty of life. People will disagree, that’s what makes it interesting.

Support is something every woman needs and deserves. Heck, we pay ridiculous amounts of money for it at Victoria’s Secret, why not get it or give it for free?

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