Tattoos have nothing to do with your resume

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Jessica Hierro | Contributing Writer


When a person enters college for the first time, it is usually the first time they feel free to do what they want. Being able to set their schedules for class, going out to socialize and making their own decisions without their parents offering their opinions. One of the decisions that often comes across their minds at least once is: “Should I get a tattoo?”

Tattoos are common now, from the cute flowers on a woman’s ankle to a man starting a biomechanical sleeve design. They represent moments of their lives, memorialize special people or events and display their passions for everyone to see. Some tattoos are even last minute decisions that people might regret later in their lives. All things considered, I raise the question on how these tattoos would be in the work setting once the students graduate from university with their degree. Is getting a tattoo a death sentence in the workforce after graduation?

According to the poll created by Fox News, the number of people who have tattoos now have nearly doubled up in the last seven years from 8 percent to 14 for people who are 45 or younger and also report that one out of five people has at least a tattoo or two. Most of these people are actually women surprisingly enough.

However, some people cleverly have their tattoos hidden underneath their clothes or shoes just so they can enter the workforce with no problems since the tattoo isn’t visible. Traditionally, tattoos are seen as a sign of rebellion in some religious aspects, or add features that make someone more “criminal” like. But honestly, having a tattoo is not a bad thing for its a persons character and actions that get them hired by employers, not the tattoo itself.

No one should judge another person just by the appearance alone. Tattoos are something that shows about who they are as a person so if it’s right there on the surface for everyone to see, they must be really proud of the work done and should not be shamed for expressing themselves. If they are doing an excellent job, then tattoos should be the least of the boss’ worries whether they are kept hidden or not.

The same flowers mentioned previously on a woman’s ankle might be her late grandmother’s favorite flower but you can be sure that it is not holding her back from climbing the business ladder in hopes of becoming the Vice President of a company. The biomechanical sleeve tattoo shows the man’s love for mechanics or sci-fi as he gives a vaccination shot to a child in need. And what is wrong for a man to literally have their heart on their sleeve that announces their love for their mom?

Although, if a person has a tattoo of a demon eating a human, maybe that should be kept hidden away for that might scare people.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo while you’re getting your bachelor’s or master’s degree, then do it. But I suggest doing it right by doing the proper research of the artist, and getting something meaningful for it will make you a confident person to have that on your skin. Never let anyone or anything stop you from expressing who you are and your individuality.

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