One Step Closer to Rome!


Guess who’s one step closer to her destination? ME!

I’ve just landed in Philadelphia for a connecting flight. The good news? It was a great flight and I slept the whole way through (and I had no one next to me so you already know how comfortable I was!). The bad news? Now I have to stay inside the Philly airport for exactly 10 hours until I board for Rome.

What am I doing for 10 hours in the airport, you ask? Let me show you…

As you may know (or not), I like to explore my surroundings — especially when I’m in a new place for just a few hours.

The first thing I did was find this weird bison thing (if you know why it’s important then please let me know because I have no idea why the bison is such a big thing here).


All things considered, it was a pretty cool (and rare) piece of art.

Next, I started prancing and running (yes, this happened) on the moving walkway — stopping, of course, for a few “candids”. People looked at me weird, but I’m excited and happy so who cares? Plus, I’m having fun and that’s all the matters right now.


(My bag looks like it has a person in it because, although they specifically told me to pack light, I had to bring all my stuff and tons of clothes — oops!)


Now, just after I got off the walkway I saw something pretty cool… A playground! In an airport! Obviously, I had to go inside to check it out. I even tried getting in one of the carts — which, unfortunately, led to me getting stuck (thank you, big bag).


(I got stuck just after this picture was taken)

And, now, as I’m typing this I’m staring out the terminal window and I’m in awe of everything. I still can’t believe I’m actually going on this trip. I can’t believe I have this opportunity and I can’t believe I’m getting to live my dreams — one step at a time.

And, also, I can’t believe my luck because the skies are so clear and beautiful — a complete contrast to the rain that we’ve been getting in Miami.


Anyway, thanks for reading. I’ll write my next post once I get to Rome (6 more hours to go!).

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