My easy breezy day as a tourist in Rome!


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Jessica Figueroa (left), me and Romina (right) walking down Via Alghero

I was a tourist today. I walked around the Roma streets all day and had one of the best meals EVER (granted, also probably not healthy).

I went down Via Alghero and Via Enna until I found a restaurant that my friend recommended (thank you, Ori). It was called Quei Bravi Ragazzi, where I had mezze maniche pomodoro e basilico (a very thick, rectangular pasta with basil and parmesean cheese on top). My friends and I really enjoyed it.


Ristarante Quei Bravi Ragazzi — Mezza Maniche Pomodoro e Basilico

And the gelato? Dear God, they don’t kid around when they say that stuff’s good. It so is!


La Neviera: Antica Arte Gelatiera

So, naturally, I asked my friend. Apparently, if you don’t have a car that small then you don’t fit into any parking spaces (because apparently they make these spaces very small in Rome).


After walking *some* calories off, we came back home and changed for our first night out.

Where did we go, you ask?

To church.

Yup, we went to church on a Saturday night and it was wonderful. Putting all beliefs aside, it was beautiful and it was the most impactful experience of my trip thus far (if you come to Rome, you NEED to visit the churches).

Some italians are very religious — in a very ‘I-believe-this-but-I-won’t-force-that-upon-you’ way. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the celebration, but I do have a picture of the set-up before it began…


Afterwards, we went out to eat around the Basilica de San Giovanni (yes, again). I had the BEST Fettuccine with bolognese (I ate the whole thing and I don’t regret a single second).


Fettucinne from Merulana in San Giovanni square

All in all, it was a beautiful day (and, yes, I’m very full).  Talk to you tomorrow!

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