Porta Maggiore e San Giovanni

Today started off slow. We woke up fairly early and went to the market to get some coffee (the one they had for us at the apartment was decaf so I needed something better). Icoop (the supermarket) saved my life.




Finished product!

Afterward, we walked around (because that’s all we can do until our whole class gets here) and I met a very interesting Ecuadorian woman. She was very nice and she told me about how easy it was for her to learn the Italian language. Obviously, I was asking her about this and she told me a lot about her life and how she liked Roma. Apparently, she’s been living in Rome for five years and is very motivated to start learning English (she’s trying to go back to school so she can learn).

Anyway, her kindness struck me very much. People are very different here than they are in Miami. Not to sound rude or stereotypical, but people in Italy are more hospitable and compassionate than they are in Miami. In other words, they CARE about you — even if you’re a complete stranger/tourist. No one has been rude to me here, even if they can’t understand what I’m saying to them.

To me, this is amazing. I am in AWE of what I’ve seen in Rome thus far.


Admiring the flowers on the building. Photo credit: Jessica!

We ended up around the area surrounding San Giovanni. Of course, we grabbed some gelato (because our goal is clearly to go back to the U.S. three times as fat).


CELFIE: Jessica and me with gelato. Yum!

Unfortunately, the basilica was closed — but we saw it from the outside and it was beyond beautiful.


Basilica of San Giovanni

We also saw the surrounding area… (in total it was about a 30-minute walk from our apartment — an hour walk back and forth).


Walking back to Porta Maggiore — sunset starts around 8 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

All in all, it was a pretty relaxing day. I love Rome. I’m in love with the people, with the culture, with the language, with their manners and way of living… everything.

In other news, class starts tomorrow and I’m BEYOND excited!


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