Cuban Civil Law: the Record Set Straight

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Cuba: island nation frozen in time and perpetual Miami hot topic.

These days, the colada has only gotten hotter since President Obama’s landmark decision to open up communication with Cuba, and the country’s subsequent removal from the United States’ terror list. Needless to say, there’s been quite a buzz.

From Domino Park to Naranja, opinions are flying: “It’s about time we started working for the future rather than drowning in the mistakes of the past!” vs. “Fidel Castro’s regime has committed atrocities and never answered for them! Obama is a coward for folding on a stance we’ve held for over 50 years!” Nowhere do the waves of these momentous  decisions crash harder than on the shores of Miami, where a staggering 35% of the population is Cuban, according to the 2010 US census. But sometimes, being so close to an issue makes it harder to see it for what it is – and by this point there is no shortage of established scripts to follow when taking a stance on U.S. – Cuba relations. Maybe it’s time for a fresh, qualified perspective?

Luckily, this Wednesday, FIU’s Cuban Research Institute will be hosting a free lecture on Cuban Civil Law at Green Library by Maria Elena Cobas Cobiella, senior lecturer for the College of Law at the University of Valencia in Spain.

A specialist in civil law, immigration law, and bioethics that earned her law degree and taught at the prestigious University of Havana, Cobiella has the perfect set of credentials and experience to truly set the record straight once and for all. She will be analyzing FIU’s extensive collection of historic Cuban legal documents and providing a context for understanding them in the modern world. Attendees will leave the lecture with an objective understanding of the state of affairs in Cuba and how they relate to the United States’ foreign policies. So tune out the conflicting opinions and get some hard facts from someone that really knows.

The lecture will take place on June 3rd, at 12:30 pm at the Green Library in room 220, free of charge. All students are encouraged to attend. For more information, look at the flyer below.



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